Healing meditation to your divine core

Dear friends,

a warm hello to you all,
and a warm hello to You!

Once again we’re happy to invite you to our new monthly healing meditation!
Did you have a beautiful month of November, how has life been treating you?
As I am writing this, the weather outside keeps on changing, first it rained, then the sun came out, then it started raining again, all whilst inside the candles are burning calmly at my altar.

When I noticed this, I was inspired, because that’s exactly what this new meditation is all about! :-)

This time, Lana Lunemann lovingly invites us to dive into the depths of our silence, where we find our radiant core, our unique divine spark, which is untouchable by all weathers.

How would you see the world if you felt the silence and the dance of your divine spark in you? How would you deal with the different weathers and situations in the world? And which beauty would you also see shining in others?

You are invited, dive in with humbleness and let yourself be touched by yourself: by your genius, shimmering and vibrating divine core. There are almost no words to describe your beauty… ♥

And then look around and recognize yourself in the endless sea of divine sparks, which all, just like you, desire to connect and share their gifts. And to radiate their finest qualities: loving like no other, forgiving like no other, standing up like no other and shining like no other!

We wish you a joyful Christmas time and a touching experience diving into your divine spark.

Your happiness, your love and your light is a gift to all of us. Thank you!

With love, your healing network ♥

Healing meditation “journey with your guardian angel”

Hello dear friends,

warm greetings to you all! A new month is just around the corner and once again we’re happy to invite you to our new healing meditation! This time Xira Zehnder invites us to meet our guardian angel in this wonderful meditation and to go with him on a healing journey.

It is our guardian angel, your guardian angel, who knows you like no one else.

He knows your origin, your very own story and your unique task.
He loves your origin and he loves your story with all of its different facets. And he knows, that the diversity and richness of your story is needed to bring out and illuminate the true treasure of your being with its unique task and gifts.

Through his loving eyes, every part of you is full of wonder and beauty, the bright parts and the parts that are still less bright.
He is delighted to see you shine and holds your light for you, where you can’t even imagine light yet.
Feel him, give yourself all the time you need, let yourself be held and be loved… And then emerge with a new power and the knowledge, that you will never ever be alone again. By your side you have a powerful angel, that sees the wonder you truly are! ♥

We wish you a fulfilling month of November and a touching meditation.

Lots of love, your Healer-Network

Healing meditation “Healing with the Divine Mother“

Hello dear friends!

A warm welcome to our new October Healing meditation “Healing with the Divine Mother”. This time Sahira Dehn spoke this meditation for us. Thank you very much for your gift Sahira!

This meditation already accompanies me since a few days now and I “carried” it within me to find words, that I could share with you.
After unsuccessfully trying to record the English version of the meditation this afternoon, which turned out impossible, as there were far too many loud background noises (high heels and drilling noises were just a few of them), I sprinted off to catch the bus to pick up my son from nursery.

And as I was sitting on the bus, seriously wondering whether I would be able to finish all that had to be done today, I immersed myself in the essence of the meditation and asked myself what it really takes to be in contact with the Divine Mother.

And suddenly I felt it clearly, it doesn’t need anything!
She was with me, when I tried to record the English version and she was with me now, as I was searching for words. There is no good moment, as she is always already here!

No matter whether I meditate.
No matter whether I work or sleep
No matter whether I feel important or small
No matter whether I’m sitting on the bus pondering
It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter at all!!

Like the air we breathe
and the earth that carries us

..she is always already here!

There is nothing we, nothing you and I, need to do, in order to be allowed to feel her love. There is no purity-test that needs to be passed, nor do we need to wait until we finally have a moment of peace and quiet!

No, there’s absolutely nothing we have to do, but we can pause for a moment, right now, to listen and feel with the heart… and there she is!
Lovingly she smiles at me, with a wink in her kind and joyful eyes. Yes, that’s her, my beloved Divine Mother. And I know, that I am allowed to live and love and that I am carried. Always!

In this sense I wish you a wonderful meditation and encounter with “your” Divine Mother.

Lots of love,
Your Healer-Network

Healing meditation “Finding your next steps”

Hello dear friends,

a warm welcome to you all! Like the imminent beginning of the new school year, many of us find themselves experiencing big changes at the moment, which are leading us to a new phase in our lives and to new inner rooms, that want to be entered, loved and filled with life. It feels as if we stand on a threshold, between “yesterday” and “completely new”. And even if standing on the threshold feels shaky and full of uncertainties, we feel, that it’s exactly here where we can make decisions and lay down the tracks deep within our hearts for everything that is to come after the threshold.

The longing to live ourselves more truthfully and lovingly than ever before, opens our heart to everything that belongs to our path, to everything that serves our growth to completeness and to all that makes us happy.

In this healing meditation today Sina Nanasi invites us to come along on a journey with her. It is a journey we can take today and every time when we feel that we stand on a threshold where we want to feel deeper into ourselves, so that our next steps emerge from the integrity and love of our being.
The deeper we dive into the essence of the next step, the more we can perceive the love and the gift this step holds for us. The recognition transforms into a decision which lets us walk our path wholeheartedly and which carries us.

The decision empowers us and gives us strength. Strength to stride bravely into the new rooms of our lives with easy and determined steps.

In this spirit we wish you all a beautiful golden month of September, lots of joy with this meditation and thank you very much to Sina for your gift to us.

Lots of love, your healer network

Healing meditation “Healing power of the stones”

we hope you had a wonderful sunny month of July and once again we are happy to invite you to our new monthly healing meditation “Healing power of the stones”.

In this meditation Dauri Neumann is leading us into the world of crystals, in which we can be touched, recharged and inspired by their light. Just like angels or other light beings, crystals too are not bound to a specific place, as we can always make contact anywhere we are through our own heart. Through the light-contact, they begin to shower their gifts upon us, by reawakening our own inner truth about love and healing.

At times we find it difficult to let ourselves be recharged and healed, as we don’t want to depend on an outside source nor do we want to suck the source dry. But on a level of light we can’t drain the crystals’ energy, shall I tell you why? 😉 Each type of crystal in its light-presence is an embodied truth of love, it IS it and isn’t capable to stop being it. Truth is!

Healing happens when the light we need right now, touches and kisses our own inner, and maybe forgotten, truth awake.

Thus, when we allow ourselves to receive, we begin to remember more and more, what we actually long for so deeply: that we may receive and be happy, that we are full of love and that we are allowed to shine our light!

What’s the price we need to pay for this? To take the step to open the door of our heart and to truly grant ourselves happiness and love. If we truly want to give, we must first learn to allow ourselves joy and love.

We wish you lots of joy with this meditation and a wonderful contact with the crystals.

And to you Dauri, thank you very much for leading us into your favourite world with this meditation.

Lots of love, your Healer Network

Healing meditation “Jazzing up healing powers with the light of the Golden Aera”

Invitation of the Golden Healing Matrix

Healing powers which were lived in previous incarnations may now become visible again. Many healers have prepared themselves through many incarnations to serve creation and human kind with their healing powers. The light of healing spreads felicity. The healer becomes happy, because he may spread his gift and therefore is able to manifest his heaven on earth. His client becomes happy, because he takes a step towards his awakening. The healing-light lights up and shines through the boundaries of illness and being unhappy. Light enters the human being.

On the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, light and knowledge are streaming to earth. People begin to recognize themselves. Ones own path of healing becomes visible.

The golden light of the Age of Aquarius supports every form of healing and becoming aware. It is available to Everyone. An invitation from within your heart is enough to perceive and integrate it.

In this healing meditation for the month of June we are inviting the healing light of the Golden Healing Matrix.

2016-04-27 14.26.51

Insha & Joshua


Healing meditation “Peace within the family”

Hello dear friends!

Once again we are very happy to introduce you to our new monthly meditation! This May meditation is dedicated to “Peace within the family”.

Larina Portrait BildVery often the feelings we have towards our family are the strongest and deeply rooted feelings we foster within us in our entire lives. They include all extremes, from feeling unconditionally loved and seen and always having a place to come home to, to feeling unseen, belittled, abused and rejected. What ever the feelings and experiences are, they run deep within us, shaping the choices we make later in life, the things we want to avoid at all costs, the relationships we form and the value we give to ourselves.

True unconditional love and the unfulfilled longing for it are the cause for all the different experiences and situations we have encountered in our family. And yet no matter how dramatic our past might have been, the only thing every single member of the family has always been looking for was and is LOVE. To be loved, to be seen and accepted for who we are. But love always goes both ways, it is unconditional and it starts with ourselves.

In this meditation Larina Freiberg gently leads us into our own unconditional love, which nourishes and fills us from within. From this state of loving expansion a new contact with a family member can establish from heart to heart. We are guided to love freely without condition and recognize the other person differently through the eyes of love. The love we give, does not only open new doors between one another, but is also the liberation for our own hearts.

As there is no happier heart than a heart that has found its power to love again, free and unconditionally.

We wish you love and happiness for the next month and lots of joy with this meditation!

A big thank you to you Larina for the gift of this meditation.

With love, your Healer network

Healing meditation “The gates to the Golden Age are open – walk through them!”

What happens when we start to walk and immerse into a new space which we have never entered before?

The Golden Age is upon us and we are already hearing so much about its arrival. Here and there we sense, sometimes more, sometimes less, that change is in the air. Sometimes in our lives one miracle after the other unfolds with never experienced magic and effortlessness and sometimes nothing works any more even though we do things exactly the way they have always worked.

The same way that every space has its own vibration, the Golden Age too has its own energy, its vibration and its unique glow, which already flows towards us. We are not yet used to being touched by it never mind being carried or even nourished.

Across all ages we have experienced and also deeply internalized that with immersing into life on earth we loose the connection to our personal heaven. We have learned that in life we have to bend, struggle and renounce ourselves.

The Golden Age is inviting us to let all these experiences and conditionings drop away, bit by bit, until there is nothing left but our blissful self which knows itself as the Light and the loving creator.

In this months meditation, in which Meerah Baum is lovingly guiding us this time, we are invited to let ourselves be touched beyond our minds and within our hearts by the energy of the Golden Age. How does our life change when we let ourselves be touched by a light which knows  no conditions? What can finally fall away and what can we finally uncover and live? As unknown as this space is, as little it can be grasped by the mind. Therefore let yourselves be touched within your hearts!

We wish you lots of joy immersing yourselves into the meditation and have a beautiful April.

And a very warm Thank You to you, Meerah, for your gift of this meditation!!

With love, your Healer network

Healing meditation “Cycles of life”

Hello dear friends,

Welcome to our March healing meditation!

We have sightly changed the purpose of these monthly healing meditations. Rather then meditating together on one single date, these guided meditations now accompany and support us with their topic and healing energy right through the month. Feel free to meditate with this video whenever you need to recharge your batteries and receive support and healing on your journey, or simply when you want to give yourself a treat.

IMG_3668In this monthly meditation, Saline Quindel invites us to dive into the cycles of life. From the smallest to the greatest detail, our life is always embedded and carried by the cycles of life. Right from our breath to the beating of our heart, to day and night, to the tides and the rhythms of the stars, the four seasons, to the bigger cycles in our life, right to birth and death. Everything is always carried by the swaying rhythm of inhaling and exhaling, expansion and contraction, of growth and withering.

Although we often miss the sun in winter time, we have come to love the unique beauty of the season. In our own life however, we often don’t recognize the smaller and greater cycles we are passing through. Times of heaviness and gathering strength, of tiredness and retreating within, are often not as appreciated and cherished as the times in which we are literally bursting with energy. Yet every phase of any cycle carries a true treasure and blessing.

In this meditation you are invited on a journey into the cycles of life. As you surrender deeply to each phase, you feel, that you are always carried by the vital energy of life and the divine love. Submerge yourself and feel the deep trust, that you are always held and nourished.
Give yourself to the rhythm of each cycle and gather your strength and your treasures in times of retreat and blossom in your unique beauty, once your being wants to bloom!

Thank you very much Saline and we are wishing you all lots of joy with this mediation and a happy month of March!

Lots of love, your Healer network