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Insha-JoshuaA warm welcome to the homepage of the professional organisation of healers, which many healers of different areas belong to.

Photo: Insha & Joshua, chairmen of the Executive board of INSHA e.V.
Healers from a number of different areas (healing approaches) present a variety of spiritual healing methods, their work and their spiritual roots. Also aiming to build a bridge to you, connecting you to the world of the different healing methods: shamanism, healing with crystals and stones, birthing priestesses, healing through “laying on of hands”, family constellations and much more.

What are healers?

Healers have the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of man close at heart. They come from the most different career paths and cultures and have special abilities, which are either innate or have been developed at a later date. Sometimes our health is affected by unconscious mechanisms. Healers are able to help. The “visible world” is as familiar to them as the “invisible world”. A healer helps to activate the own self healing powers. The “active ingredient” of the healer is the greater power of love, which allows us to thrive as a newborn and later in child- and adulthood makes our own potentials and health accessible once again. All healers of the Insha Healer Network are connected through the ideology of acting out of the divine law in acceptance of man’s plan of creation and love. They are working with the acknowledgement, that it is the all inherent love, which at the end enables healing.

Who are we?

This web site is run by the professional association of the International Sacred Healing Association INSHA e.V.. The head office is located in Gundelfingen/Freiburg i. Br. in Germany. The members are healers, spiritual teachers and founders of a healing method. (see healing methods). Healing with respect and acknowledgement of the free will, for the benefit of mankind is a matter close to the hearts of all healers.

The INSHA e.V. is managed by an executive board elected for a three year term. The members of the general meeting decide on the implementation of projects and the organisation of the professional association of healers. Many healers of the Healer Network have found their spiritual home in the Fire tradition, which was founded by Agni Eickermann.

Events take place in the light centre Château Amritabha, in many light centres worldwide and in the healing practices of the healers. The members are from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Greece, England, USA, Taiwan, etc. and work worldwide.

Foundation of the Healer Network

INSHAeV-Gründung25112007The Insha Healer Network was founded on 25th November 2007 as professional association of healers and is a registered organisation in Freiburg/Germany : VR 700201

Aim of the Healer Network is to introduce and make the healers and spiritual healing known, to support the healers in their professional qualifications and offer a platform for people seeking more information on this subject.

Photo: Foundation of the INSHA Healer Network, on 25th Nov.2007 in Amritabha


The name “INTERNATIONAL SACRED HEALING ASSOCIATION” and the Logo originate from Agni, the founder of the Fire tradition and the light centre Château Amritabha in Ribeauvillè (F). Currently 8 executive board members are in office. The 1. Chairman is Insha.

Photo: Agni and Insha, in 2007 in Amritabha

What do healers mean by healing?

The healing of man and earth is an essential aim of the Fire tradition. The underlying causes for the illnesses of our time, no matter whether they express themselves in social, physical, mental/spiritual areas or simply in a lack of happiness, are always unconsciousness, or a form of forgetting. Once we have recognised and integrated the message of our soul and our life, there will be no more reason for scarcity or illness. We recognise, that we have all we need available, to live our selves and be happy.

Being-whole and complete

Often we are very close to our being-whole and complete. Then we only need to be in a holy, sacred place to take the step. Sometimes it is the loving hand of a healer, which opens the door or the words of a person who sees and understands. Believing becomes knowing and forgetting turns into recognition. We know, that we are whole and complete from within ourselves. That in unity with the divine love, we become the healer of our own life and together with many others the healers of our earth.

It is always the aim to accompany the person into their own power and therefore their own completeness, from which all health derives.

The key to ones own bliss and happiness can lie in a different healing method for each person, as people and their circumstances in life require different approaches.

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