Healing meditation “Forgiving ourselves as a key to healing”

Hello dear friends,

Gandara-auf-sacred-landwe are happy to invite you again today to our monthly common healing meditation this coming Sunday 8th November! In this healing meditation Gandara Bier will guide us into the inner contact with the Divine Mother Mary. Touched by her love and kindness, a healing space opens up for us, in which we can allow ourselves to look at ourselves through loving eyes again and to forgive ourselves our burdens. We are able to perceive, that all we ever did, even the deeds that seemed furthest away from the light, carried the longing for love within them. We have never left the love of the Divine Mother. Her light is inviting us to give ourselves unconditionally to love, and to receive healing.

12205102_10153231838987263_539574683_nGandara Bier, a professional healing practitioner and spiritual teacher, has experienced the power of love herself through a life threatening illness. After every medical treatment failed, the deep and old connection to the Divine Mother awoke, which stems from the time she was a student of Mary herself. It was like an awakening, in which she realised that the key to her healing was and is to forgive and love herself unconditionally. Through the decision to dedicate her life to love and healing, Gandara once again recovered miraculously.

Since this time Gandara devotionally works with the healing light of Maria, to remind people again at the love within, which is able to activate all life-affirming powers.

You are warmly invited to immerse yourself into this healing space and experience the miracle of self-forgiveness.

Dear Gandara, thank you very much for this meditation!

Lots of love, your healer-network

This upcoming meditation will take place on Sunday 8th November from 8.30pm to 8.45pm, Central European Time.

Healing meditation “The power of love”

Dear friends,

Foto von Sitatoday we are cordially inviting you again to meditate with us during the worldwide healing meditation, this coming Sunday. The meditation, this time guided by Sita Kleinert, is dedicated to the power of love. As it unfolds we experience, that love opens up new inner and outer spaces for us, in which we can recognize and live ourselves joyfully and free of concerns. It is within this natural free state of being, in which we find the power to live our lives as joyful expression of who we really are. In all the relationships that matter in our lives, but especially the relationship between parents and children, emotions and feelings play an important role. When we can deeply love our own feelings for what they are and allow them to take part in the daily love-flow, they serve us to live a happy fulfilled life.

Since many years Sita Kleinert accompanies people to find fulfillment and leadership for their lives within the abundance of their own love. She teaches people to live lives nourished and powered by love, in which all human aspects are not only seen and given permission to be, but in which these aspects, embedded in loving unity, even benefit and support the individuals to live their destinies, the most inner calling of their soul and to also allow others to do the same. Only within love can everything find its righteous place. We wish you lots of joy with this meditation and are looking forward to meditate with you!

Lots of love, your healer-network

The next healing meditation will take place on Sunday 11th October from 8.30pm to 8.45pm, Central European Time.

Healing meditation “Immersing ourselves in the community of the Essene”

SumaraDear friends,

today we are inviting you again to meditate with us in the worldwide love network, coming Sunday. This time Sumara Creuzberg, Essene master und Spiritual teacher, will open up a space for us during her guided healing meditation in which we can immerse ourselves in the healing contact and encounter with the Essene and the Christ light. During the meditation Sumara will sing an ancient and holy mantra, which reminds us again of how it is to be connected and nurtured in a community of love, carried by the Christ light. In this love we will once again be able to expand and be our true self.

Sumara Creuzberg lives and works in Bonn, Germany, where she is leading the Bhakti Love Light Centre. Since many years she accompanies people with her work on their path to find themselves. It’s a matter close to Sumara’s heart, to help people to give room to their unconditional love in their lives and to experience a new closeness to the Christ light, in order to recognise their own qualities in a new light and to live them in their lives.

Thank you very much for this meditation Sumara and we wish everyone a touching encounter with the loving energy of the Essene.

Lots of love, your healernetwork

The next healing meditation will take place on Sunday 13th September from 8.30pm to 8.45pm, Central European Time.

Healing meditation “Tune into your heaven”

HimariIn our everyday life we sometimes find ourselves in situations in which we are so challenged that we are barely in contact with our heaven. So tied by all the thoughts and conceptions of what we have to achieve and fulfil here in our life, we tense up and are thinking very small, limited even constricted. The possibility for heavenly miracles and a joyful flow seems very far away. In those times we would just love for someone to take us by the hand and tell us exactly what we have to do.

And yet, often all that is needed is a moment in which we recognize how everything really is. It is the divine energy, the love and joy, which generates all life and all miracles! Not the other way around.

Therefore toss all conceptions of everything you have to be or do over board. Within your joy and the connection to your heaven lies the true power for miracles in your life.
I invite you today to tune into your heaven in this sound-meditation and to experience the vast love which is always there for you. I invite you to let this abundance and love stream into you and allow yourselves these plentiful gifts from your heaven!

With love, Himari

The common monthly healing meditation “tune into your heaven” this time guided by Himari takes place on Sunday the 9th August 2015, from 20.30 to 20.45.

Healing meditation “Experience healing in the white-pink lotus source of the Divine Mother”


In this healing meditation you are invited to experience the white-pink lotus light of the Divine Mother. This pure energy supports you in letting go. You can experience yourself carried by unconditional love.

The common monthly healing meditation “unity of heaven and earth” this time guided by Deborah takes place on Sunday the 12th July 2015, from 20.30 to 20.45.

Healing meditation “unity of heaven and earth”


Hi, this is MaRa. I am happy and excited to guide you to my new home in Santa Fe,  New Mexico. Specifically to Agni’s Sacred Land. Here the golden age unfolds its roots and we can experience heaven and earth with easiness and simplicity like never before. I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

Love MaRa



The common monthly healing meditation “unity of heaven and earth” this time guided by MaRa takes place on Sunday the 14th June 2015, from 20.30 to 20.45.

Healing meditation “The diversity of healing methods”

Fe San neu 2013 - copieDifferent healing methods from various healing realms, times and cultures come together in the Healer Network. Together they create a net of light and healing, which touches all levels within us. They form a new healing room within us, which wants to be made visible by ourselves.

In this meditation we open up to the diversity of healing methods (even though I only mention a few of the methods during the meditation, all the others are equally present). We let ourselves be inspired by the healing impulses, which want to come to us and feel, how they create a healing room within ourselves.

Wishing you lots of joy with the meditation!

Fe San

The common monthly healing meditation “The diversity of healing methods” this time guided by Fe San takes place on Sunday the 10th may 2015, from 20.30 to 20.45.

Healing meditation “Dive into the network of love and healing”

The healer network

Fotolia_59880261_S-280x280The most beautiful common meditations for me are always the meditations of the healer network, taking place once a month. I never feel more connected to you all, never loved more profoundly and am rarely more expanded than during these meditations.

Today I, Insha, have the pleasure to lead this healing meditation. As a healing priestess I open for you the gates to the temple of healing. The light of the temple has expanded tremendously in the last months.

It is flooded by the light of the 12 healing sources of the Divine Mother. This light now flows into the healer network. It carries you; it flows through you, loves you. It brings unity in love with everyone in this network.

Within this unity we turn our gaze to the earth and its inhabitants. We spread our love into every living creature, into every existing consciousness. We perceive that we are nourished by the heavens and connect heaven and earth in a net of love for everyone.

Insha-FBThe blissful light of Jupiter, which is very active at the moment, streams into the net, into our life and opens doors, which seemed locked for a long time. New things can happen. Our longing can fulfil itself now.

Connected to all there is, one with everything, we refuel on healing and love and spread healing and love.

I would love it, if you would recommend our healer network to others.

Your Insha

The common monthly healing meditation “Dive into the network of love an healing” this time guided by Insha takes place on Sunday the 12th April 2015, from 20.30 to 20.45.

The healing moment of the NOW

The healing moment of the NOW

Hello my dear friends!Himari
A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to blog for the Healer Network.
“Oh yes!” I heard my heard singing.
Yet, not even a second later, an insecurity arose within me:
“Sure that’s grrreat, but what exactly will I write about?”
When I listened to an answer within me, I knew I could only write about what sets my own heart on fire, and this is the beauty I see in the hearts of all my healer colleagues.

However, I still found myself wanting to pre-arrange what to write about exactly. Some nights after having gone to bed I was lying awake writing blogs for you in my mind.
Until I realised one “little” important detail. 😉


Life is not pre-written, nor is healing a defined technique

LoslassenTrue beauty cannot be programmed either.
It happens and unfolds it’s magic as we open up to what is right now, right here.
As our “mental hands” start to loosen their tight grip, letting go of the ideas and expectations of what should and shouldn’t be, we begin to surrender unconditionally to this very moment as it is and open up to healing and to love.

The energy within us and around us starts shifting. The tension we have felt until a moment ago eases and the space becomes light, free and wide.


A holy space opens up

Heilende HändeAll of the sudden we feel, that there are no requirements to receive healing. It’s starts to dawn on us, that we are truly enough. And that this is exactly what unconditional love and healing is about. That we are allowed to receive love, healing and blessings, and yes that we are allowed to BE love, health and happiness ourselves.
With this opening up to what is in this very moment, we experience the first step of healing and a yearning awakens within us to wholeheartedly love and respect ourselves in each moment of our lives.

And this is the essence and the gift my healer colleagues all carry in their heart. The gift they share with the world through their healing work is to always lovingly remind us of our unconditional permission to honour and respect ourselves, to love and be happy and to share our own gifts with the world.
In moments we have forgotten how to love ourselves, they offer us their love, their healing words and gentle healing touch, until we hear our own heart singing again: “Oh YES!” ♥ ♥ ♥

Healer – A calling becomes a profession

Healing in the “name of science” or in the “name of God”?

Heilen-Hände-InshaHealers are present in many cultures in many different expressions and manifestations.
The healer profession looks back on an age old cross-cultural and inter-religious development.

The cultural environment of the “Western world” deals with “spiritual healing” in varied ways.

A very interesting case hereto became public in the late 1920s in Southern Germany with the “Lahrer Clairvoyant Lawsuit”:


“Clairvoyants and healers – or just crooks?”

Badische Zeitung, 1st October 2014.
SeilerIn 1927 two healer brothers stood trial in the so-called “Lahrer clairvoyant Lawsuit”, because a lady suffering from a kidney disease had let herself be treated from a distance and sued because of “fraud”.

16 cases of clairvoyant ailment diagnosis were testified under oath during the course of this case. The controversial lawsuit was passed on to the Higher Regional Court, which didn’t pass a verdict.

The lawsuit was closed.


In the field of “spiritual healing” science has a great potential for development and especially a great need for “catching up”. Western universities are slowly starting to include the professional fields of spiritual healing into their research programmes. For example, for a few years now the University Clinic of Freiburg is studying the effects of meditation and is conducting complementary medical evaluation research. Sound science is characterized by openness and transparency – a heartfelt thank you for those initiatives!

The legal situation in Germany is “open” to interpretation. Healers hardly have any legal certainty – although they are able to call themselves healers since the Federal Constitutional Court verdict in 2004, they continue to work in a legal grey area, in which courts decide on an individual basis, on what is “legal”:

“Kinesiology: Advertisement must point out scientific doubts”

Deutsches Ärzteblatt, edition no. 38, 19.09.2014
Hand about to bang gavel on sounding block“In the case of someone advertising with unproven effects of a controversial treatment method and not mentioning the opposing view in the advertisement, it is regarded as a misleading advertisement of medications.

This was decided by a Higher Regional Court, which sentenced a kinesiology therapist on the grounds of his statement on the internet: ““…would in gentle ways activate the self healing powers…“.

Independent to the socio-political circumstances, the profession as a healer was always practised (“wart curer”, “herbalist”,…) Healers live their calling!

In 2013 a quantum leap was achieved in Italy: A state law, which legalises all “free professions”, which aren’t organised by the chamber system (doctors, lawyers, etc.). This means, that every citizen is allowed to develop and practice a profession as an occupation, as long as the legal parameters are complied with. This is a democratic fundamental right, which has found a real expression through the state law. A very insightful video thereto can be found on Youtube in Italian: Convegno Olis Festival 10.2.2013 – Le Discipline Bio Naturali: La grande svolta. In this area Italy is more advanced than Germany – remarkable!

Now, who works “scientifically”: the doctor, the healer, or the mother who feels intuitively what is the best for her child,…? Which criterion counts, to be scientific? The people affected, sick people or clients are convinced by results and have one simple formula:

“He who heals is right!”

Result-orientated action corresponds also to the principle of a democratic market economy, wherein the market participants decide over supply and demand themselves.

di-bellaSuch a simple approach causes a sensation!

During the 80s and 90s the Italian professor and doctor Dr. Luigi Di Bella vehemently campaigned for the free choice of treatments. Dr. Luigi Di Bella conceded his patients self-competence and self-responsibility and offered them the possibility to decide to which healing method they wanted to entrust themselves. Because: Everyone has to recognise for himself what feels good and which healing path is the right one for him! Dr. Luigi Di Bella was highly debated due to his “unconventional approach”. (Which is the same reason he is loved by so many!)

EU-Guideline “European Qualifications Framework -EQF”

EU VerwaltungThe European Union takes into account the new developments of our society and supports approaches, in which “callings become professions”. Within the guideline “European Qualifications Framework -EQF”, the different types of professionalism are arranged according to an eight step grid, to support and simplify mobility within the EU.

In simple words this means: If I have been able to earn a living through my “healing work” in one European country, I must also be able to do the same in every other European country.

Free exercise of profession is a fundamental right, as long as the legal parameters (business registration, tax law,…) and specific areas of competences are complied with. This means, a profession does not need to be approved by the authorities, in order for its practice to be legal!

At present, the practice of the healer profession is still handled very inconsistently throughout the individual EU states and it will probably still take a few years until the EU guideline is implemented in a conclusive manner.

This EU guideline is a great chance to allow healers to work in legal certainty throughout the EU in the future.

The different healing methods like conventional medicine, natural medicine and spiritual healing (“energy medicine”) are all welcome in a holistic health policy. Well-being and health have priority – in the “name of science” and in the “name of God”!


The open and respectful collaboration between the different professional fields will lead to a great leap in quality over the next years.

I am wishing you lots of joy in your healing work!

(Executive board member of the Healer Network)


Suggestion-Legal adviser: In recent years we had good experiences with Dr. Annette Oberhauser’s solicitor’s office (Nuremberg), who specialised in the field of health legislation.