From oblivion to remembrance – Your personal power place

During my interview with Benira Niederberger last week, Benira mentioned her personal power place: “My place supports me to unfold my own power and being. It is a place where I can manifest my Self, my life task and my visions. It is here that I can dive deeper into my true self and encounter my soul a lot clearer.”

Dein Kraftplatz!Everyone has already heard in some way or the other about power places or cult sites. Maybe you have already visited one of these special places. Many are accessible to the public, whereas others are still completely unheard of.

Your very own personal power place however shows itself to you in a way in which you “feel like being at home” and you feel a very clear “Yes!” within you.

It resounds in each and every cell of your body.

You start to float and your heart jumps with joy. Here a space opens up wich reveals to you deep knowledge about your being, your calling and your life task.

It is easiest to see the throne of God and to remember your task, your being and your Self, when you are at your power place. AGNI

Your power place is a place where you can deeply connect with Heaven and Earth. If you follow your inner calling, miracles after miracles happen. You may experience, how much you are carried, guided and protected, because there is nothing more impressive as to dedicate yourself to your own life task at your power place. Like you have your own place in heaven you also have your own place on earth.
As the name already suggests: Your power place is a place which challenges you to take on your own power and task.

Do what you have come for. It is your decision and your freedom.

Each day is new and is your responsibility. Do you accept your power and do you want to fulfil your task?

Ask yourself now: “Do I want to live MYSELF?” and go on a journey to yourself. Find your own belief, cultivate your own unique love and let your sun shine.

AGNI says:

AGNIWe forget our own light.

Life is equipped in such a way that we can fulfil our task. Sometimes along with labour pains, sometimes with difficulties. Often with fear of our own power. Fear of our own place. And fear of not accepting them.


We are all loving souls and have a common origin, a common home.

Inherent in your being

There is a path which leads you from your oblivion back home to yourself. This path is not outside of you, but within you. It is inherent in your being.

Let yourself be inspired by two women, who have walked this path and who have more than “cultivated” their power place with their hearts, their actions and deeds:

Crosis has her power place in Passau

CrosisEidenschinkFinding out about my power place was a huge gift to me.

When Agni said Passau , the energy of the word arrived in my heart like waves and I just thought: Yes of course, where else! I would have never thought of Passau myself though.

On my way to Passau first of all, within me, naturally, resistances arose. On the inside as well as on the outside. It was difficult for me to arrive and settle in Passau, however I had heavenly and earthly helpers. For one and a half years it was heaven and hell for me at the same time. Everyone has their own issues at their power place, which can be released.

…it taught me perseverance, courage, power, trust and patience.

At the beginning it almost tore me apart inside. My task in Passau is to reunite Shiva and Shakti. To heal polarity so to speak. On the inside as well as on the outside. It wasn’t easy, but it taught me perseverance, courage, power, trust and patience. I have been here for 6 years now and what I realised above all is:

Love is the greatest power!

And that only through love I am able to release the shadows of myself and of Passau. I have gained more and more trust in the Divine Mother, the Divine Father and the Divine Child. They live within me and my surroundings. A lot of healing was allowed to happen on all levels. For myself and for Passau. I’m grateful to be here and to serve.
Om Namah Shivaya. Crosis Eidenschink

Kali Ma has her power place in Nepal

…I followed the voice of my heart

Kali Ma

In 2001 I relocated to Nepal. Having given up everything in Germany, I continued to follow the voice of my heart. Because years before, during a two-month trip to Nepal and Tibet it had already told me: “Here is your place. You will travel back to Germany one more time and then you will bring something back for the people in Nepal”, back then I had no idea what was meant. I took part in the Path into Light, completed the ACC training and spiritual teacher course and shortly after I found myself sitting together with Agni at the light-centre-leader-training in Amritabha.

Never in doubt, never having given up and always in true faith that I’m supposed to be here…

At the end of the light-centre training it was clear: My power place is in Nepal. What a joy! Connected with the feeling of coming back to an old home. Never in doubt, never having given up and always in true faith that I’m supposed to be here, more and more I established light and love at this place. Even against outside resistances and after 13 years now in Dolalghat in the Kali Ashram, I have come home within myself and experience my place as paradise. Here my heaven has come to earth. In the lap of the Divine Mother one experiences his own true being and the Kali Ashram opens its door to everyone to enter their own paradise. I am happy. Having come to my power place has led me back to myself in the shortest of times. Thankfully I had only bought a one way ticket at the time. What a blessing! Thank you God. Kali Ma

You live and work already at your power place? Let us take part and describe to us how it is affecting you and how your life has changed. We’re looking forward to reading your reply, right here below this article.

I want to personally thank Agni who has tremendously inspired me with his words to write these lines.

From heart to heart


Für Dich!

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