The language of the heart – Inner communication with children

“Let us listen to our children with childlike openness. They have so much to tell us. They are bringing us great knowledge, bountiful gifts and divine presents. When we ask, they answer, until we have come to understand them. When we allow ourselves to be less than perfect, we are opening ourselves doors of understanding.” Sita Kleinert

Who hasn’t experienced them yet? These special moments, when we no longer understand our children, be it our own child or a child we’re looking after. Certain ways of behaviour make us and also our child livid and we just can’t find common ground. Fury, despair and helplessness then stand between us and a loving relationship.

Each child is unique and each one brings his own being, his own light Innere Kommunikation mit Kindernand qualities into this life.

There is a lot of pedagogical advice literature, certain methods and concepts designed to make our child more pleasant-natured and facile.

When you look a little closer then you notice, that nobody has yet written a book about your child and this particular situation. Every child is unique and can’t be squeezed into a desired form. These inputs from the outside push themselves between you and your child and in the long run you both won’t find peace.

We all speak the language of the heart

Each one of us has his own intuition, his gut feeling and inner voice. Due to our outside influences, be it our own expectations, the imprints/experiences of our childhood, the pressure of society, we can no longer hear our inner voice and we lose the language of the heart.

In difficult situations we act from the head and therefore we can no longer perceive and understand the fine signals our child is sending. The true origin of the problem cannot be recognized.

Being in deep contact with ourselves

Once we open ourselves again to the language of the heart, establish a deep connection with ourselves and learn once again to become completely quiet and relaxed within ourselves, we can listen again to the signals of our heart.

The encounter with our child and the previously challenging situations become free, infinite and impartial. We are able to recognize the true being, its message and its real needs.

It is similar to learning a new language. Although the language of the heart is already in us, it also is just a small trail at the beginning. The more we walk this path, communicate with our children on the heart level, the broader and clearer it becomes.

Recognizing the child’s being and quality

The 2-day seminar “Inner communication with children” by Sita Kleinert held by Kimera Stamm is truly helpful and valuable. A dedicated inner space is opened up and we become fully aware again of this communication on the heart level.
During the course of the seminar we develop a deep understanding for the being of the child. We recognize its qualities and potentials and through this vantage point are able to understand our child a lot better. On this level we reach the origin of the child’s behaviour. The children feel recognized and seen and are more balanced and joyful. With the language of the heart living together can become more harmonious altogether.

The seminar, taking place in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, is held by midwives and spiritual doula, who have completed Sita Kleinert’s training to become a spiritual doula.

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Innere KommunikationEspecially pregnancy and birth can be a particularly deep encounter between mother and child.

They challenge and invite us to get into contact with ourselves and life itself.

The connection from the heart level strengthens our trust in our own intuition, in the body and our own power. The unborn child also feels already recognized in its being and potentials. It is not uncommon that the child also co-decides on how, when and where it wants to be born. Both aspects are essential and can positively influence the birth for both mother and child.

Besides expecting mothers, this seminar is also very valuable for anyone who has got children by their side, both privately and professionally.

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Innere Kommunikation mit Kindern

As a final word I would like to quote the paediatrician and author Remo Lago and on that note say goodbye to you.

“The best thing we can do to an individual is to allow it to manifest itself the way it is inherent in its being. This is also the very best for society, because only then the contribution made by the individual is at its greatest. Society should take great interest in everyone being able to become truly himself, as with this society benefits the most.”

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