Healing releases happy hormones

Children heal with joyful ease

Heilerin Manora mit TochterToday my daughter who is almost 3 years old, made a special moment come to life for me again. We were on our way back home from a picnic in nature and visiting our neighbour’s sheep. She was tired and wanted to fall asleep in her buggy. That’s when she suddenly said

“Mummy, shall we heal the earth first?”

Right away she jumps out of her buggy onto the grass, just moments earlier she was almost asleep, now she lays her hand on the earth:

“Mummy, sit down as well, it’s going to do you and the earth some good.”

I sit down and do the same as her. I let myself be guided by her and cherish this moment. It feels like only 2 seconds and she is finished. I need a little more time. Her act touches me. And the earth and me. I’m suddenly feeling myself differently. I become still for a moment, reflecting, at peace. A simple thing – a big effect. She is finished and quickly picks me some white wild flowers. “Mummy, now you have to pick me some flowers too, then we are finished.” I follow her and pick her some colourful wild flowers. We exchange the flowers and my heart is filled with the greatest thanks of the earth. This feeling, for me, describes a blissful moment of healing.
My eyes shine differently than just a few minutes before. The earth is flowing. A little breeze. A ray of sun which suddenly breaks through the clouds and shines on us and everything is good. A bird which keeps us company. A synergy of infinity.

I am a healer

Heilerin Manora Baum-NaturAnd I remember my “being-a-healer” again. An inner smile spreads out within me. Experiences and encounters with people, animals and plants want to be recognised, seen and opened again as well as the accompaniment and guidance for those wanting to become such a healer. Healing is natural from an early age, because we were and are born from this purity.
It’s almost indescribable in words, yet I want to share it with the world and pass it on. I am filled with a certainty that life creates, constantly and without ever ceasing – in every second you and the world are able to be filled with bliss again. Also here on earth. Thank you.

Manora Gerber

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