White INSHA Shamanism

Weisser INSHA Schamanismus-web
The speciality of this healing method is the energy quality of the white light. This vibration activates the healing of the soul. Life crisis, health problems, etc. often have a correlation with the soul, which we are often not aware of in the consciousness of our everyday life. In contact with the white power animals (eagle, buffalo, snake, iguana, butterfly, lion, elephant, phoenix, unicorn) the White Shaman opens up healing impulses from the heavens.

During shamanistic journeys and rituals an energy field of healing opens up, which connects the client again to their soul knowledge and the power of self-healing. Each shamanistic power animal highlights aspects of the human being and helps to identify one’s own weaknesses and vulnerabilities and reminds them of their completeness. The healing of our being-human comes within reach again through the healing of our soul. The White Shamans travel into the land of their client’s soul, and from there retrieve the client’s soul-song. The soul song comprises the vibration to remind the consciousness and the body of its natural and inherent potentials.

This shamanism connects heaven and earth. Through this connection human and earth find their way back to health and bliss.


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