Spiritual Sound Healing

soundhealer_logo_grossSpiritual Sound Healing uses the sound energies of creation. Everyone, every being, even seemingly dead matter has their own light and their own sound. Both origins are the same, but sound energies can access the body’s cells more easily due to their special physical character.

It is thereby possible to recognise the vibrational fields of disease or other disruptions and to attune them again with a healthy, harmonious vibrational pattern. For this, perceptible as well as imperceptible sounds are used.

Disruption, whether of physical or emotional nature, not only arise from within us, but often have their origin in our surroundings.

Spiritual Sound Healing also takes into account the outer circumstances of the person in the healing and development process, influencing them in a positive way.

Sound-Feng-Shui or for example the creation of healing and power places bring the inner and outer into balance and activate your self-healing powers.

The methods of the Sound Healers are as diverse as the sounds themselves:

They can produce supporting individual essences, transform and initiate with their voice and healing sounds, use the sound level of the crystals, balance the body’s impulses and rhythms and much more, which serves the unfolding of your life power and your soul potential.

Spiritual Sound Sciences – Academy for healing and art

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