Spiritual Pregnancy and Birth Attendant Training

The attendants are trained to accompany in accordance with creation and the all-embracing natural law. They perceive the soul of the unborn child and its needs and they follow the inner voice. As a result, it is possible to serve mothers and children beyond personal expectations and feelings.

In the training new and familiar inner knowledge opens up to the birth attendants. It serves in a healing, advising, balancing way and it supports the birth attendant herself to recognize human existence, birth, life and death deeper.

The child’s soul comes from the world of light into the earthly world. When we experience pregnancy and birth as a spiritual process, the context becomes clearer and we can accompany from the beginning. The entire process is a far-reaching process of change for mother and child and her family. Many difficulties arise as we don’t involve spiritual communication sufficiently.

The training improves intuition and leads the birth attendant into her joy, fulfillment and into a deep understanding of her task.

The Spiritual Birth Attendants are familiar with the forces of heaven and earth. They can recognize these when accompanying mother and child and use them for their well-being.

Training leadership: Sita Kleinert

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