Lichtheilung Logo grossPrema, the highest form of love, is the healing power of the lighthealer.

It is expressed in the abundance of possibilities of re-establishing flows, that were disrupted.

The connection of the physical body with its ethereal system, with its soul light and with cosmic powers such as the Sun, Moon and Earth is activated.

The feeling of being at home in yourself and feeling comfortable replaces the constant search for it on the outside.

For example, the mother- or father aspect is released by the lighthealer, and therefore the interpersonal relationships can become more balanced.

Prema not only regulates the temperature homeostasis through balancing Yin and Yang energy, but is also used in shamanic plant wisdom, the angel world and supporting stones.

Through the finger tips, love flows into the meridians of the different bodies and through the feet into the organ systems.

The colour vibrations of the rainbow are available for replenishment and regeneration, as well as colour sound essence and liberating mandalas.

Everything is focused on bringing the body into a harmonious flow with its ethereal levels.

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