The Healing Tradition of Mary

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Healers working in the healing tradition of Mary are healers of the white light. They heal by the 7 holy flames of this tradition. Proper healing oils offer special relief to the clients in these times of change and transformation. They effect initiation in body, mind and soul, encouraging deep healing and emotional realization. They provoke self-healing powers in any medical condition. Their healing power melts body, mind and soul, thus enabling the body to “give new birth to itself” to dive into the new age on the light of Christ.

Some of the methods are

– Healing of emotions
– Healing of deep ancient structures and traumata
– Reconciliation with the own self
– Healing of the mind
– Healing of motherliness and returning home to the divine mother
– Divine healing trance
– Cleaning up memories stored in the cells
– Preparation for the new vibrations of the golden age
– Elimination of blockades to open the body for the light of Christ streaming in
– The celestial realm wants to increase contact with us, with our resonances.

Our bodies, however, are often eburnated and scarred.
Now they can be opened to be born into the celestial realm.
Over long periods, this was only possible by death.
This new healing method offers the chance to experience it within one life.

Abstract of the Book “Jesus – The forgotten Years”
by Durga Holzhauser and Agni Eickermann:

“A second school was also born when you, Mary brought your gifts to Earth from your creative heaven. A school of white light was created for humanity; the most complete source of all beings. Her priestesses always report for duty when humanity is entangled in the material and has thus been thrown out of balance. It is and was the purest school of healing.”

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