The Healing Powers of the Elves and Fairies

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Elves and fairies are part of a hidden world of light. With their light powers they serve nature. They charge plants, flowers, bushes and trees with their vibration and thereby initiate healing energies. Plants become healing plants.

When we open ourselves to receive the subtle energies of these beings, our hearts are touched. Healing and transformation powers find their way to us. Their healing levels touch us, where we have forgotten our naturalness. The physical body is balanced with the subtle bodies. Peace, quiet and focus return, the essential becomes visible again. From your core, self-healing powers can be mobilised.

The healing methods, which we receive and use from these light levels, are not only available to humans, but also to nature. This way power places can be created, which enable stress relief and regeneration. Earth is also supported in its healing process.

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