Healing Knowledge of Lemuria

Heilwissen Lemuriens gross-d939c77e
Since the beginning of human consciousness, wise men and women of all cultures guard the knowledge of the healing power, which exists as female creation energies in Heaven and Earth. They are shamans, healers, wise men and priests, who work using ancient rituals, sacred songs and the healing power of plants.

Working in accordance with the divine order, they receive deep insights into the true causes of imbalances, which lead to diseases and disruptions.

Beyond time and space, they can immerse themselves in the original rhythms and levels and bring back creational structures and parts of the being to enable nature and humans to reach a mutual awareness of completeness. They connect with your primordial rhythm, and accompany you in times of change in becoming/ birth and decay/ death.

They help you to contact your true dream and to reconnect with life using your primordial impulses. This healing route heals wounds and provides a connection with the primordial soul vibration and nourishes the desire to unfold your power/primordial greatness in this life.

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