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Our life is molded by family, society and personal structures. Habits and conflicts often restrict our joy in life. This can lead so far that we feel uncomfortable in our surroundings. Sometimes we don’t know why we don’t feel so well or why we still participate in these familial activities. The cause of problems with partners, family members and colleagues are often difficult to ascertain. Time and time again we find ourselves in similar relationships and situations even though we wish for a change. How can we prevent to be confronted with the same difficulties over and over again? We dissolve them within us!

Gauri Gatha relieves burdens in relationships and habits, where they originated. Overcoming problems always carries responsibility on your part. Gauri Gatha shows links to your life, and we can recognise, which hidden mechanisms are acting upon us. A path becomes visible, which leads to the solution of conflicts. This enables you to deal more freely and peacefully with other people or situations.

Gauri Gatha helps human hierarchies (work relations, relationships) to align with the order of love. Love is the biggest healing power bringing peace to its surroundings. When healing takes place in a person, the peace created can be felt in the whole community.

Gauri Gatha belongs to the specialist division of systemic work and incorporates among others ‘family positioning’.

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