Dauris Crystalhealing


Stones and crystals are light vessels. They bring us into contact with our own light. They support us where there is no flow and connect us with the world of light. When stones are placed onto certain areas of the body, they activate self-healing powers and help to release old patterns.

In an individual treatment session, the person is brought into contact with their qualities, abilities and their heart’s desire. Stones are a wonderful medium for this as they unfold the specific healing powers needed for that person when brought into contact with them.

Dauri’s crystal healers have in common a love for stones and people. This love is the key to finding and working with the common resonance level of person and stone. All crystal healers have their original healing knowledge, their specific techniques and personal tools, which they discover and learn how to use during the training.

Stones are as individual as people. By choosing the individual stones, you can find yourself. Discover the being that you really are. All that you can do and the wonderful presents you brought down to Earth with you.

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