Atlantic Crystal Healing

Atl Kristallheilung Logo GrossAtlantic Crystal Healing is founded in the ancient knowledge of the healing powers of stones and crystals. Every gem stone, every crystal carries an original vibration, which can be used to alleviate ailments and to stimulate the self-healing powers of the body. Feng Shui techniques are used to change the atmosphere in rooms and to create power places in nature.


• Releasing traumata with fire opals
• Holistic Stone Healing to harmonise the body and energy bodies
• Support for the seven chakras (main energy centers of the body)
• Creating Earth healing and power places
• ‘Blasting’ resistances with Herkimer crystals, to be able to free yourself of old patterns
• Strengthening of your potential and focus onto your path through vision crystals
• Personalised protection crystals
• Crystal surgery to support the self-healing powers of the body
• Aura balance to increase well-being
• Personalised fire stones which support transformation
• Techniques for the spine
• Creating planet mandalas to strengthen your inner guidance

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