Atana- the Healing Knowledge of the Primordial Magnetism

atanta_logo-grossMagnetic structures govern all life forms on Earth – any kind of consciousness, movement, growth and development.

Working with magnetic energies, Atanta healers open up deep-reaching areas of the soul level, which have been imbalanced by old structures, injuries and traumatic memories, and support the physical body on an energetic and soul level. Resistances and obstacles are removed and freed spaces are filled with your light.

Devotion to being, makes it possible for the light, with which each and everyone of us came to Earth, to unfold. Your potential can be fully realised and new powerful structures support the active making of a happy life.
Holistic development and expansion of consciousness are made for Earth and all its beings through the opening and initiation of the levels in this healing knowledge. The magnetic healing currents from the original creation bring holistic focus and recollection of your healed being.

Atanta healing work finds application in personal and general areas, as well as in nature and Earth healing, and takes its effect directly on body, mind and soul. It supports health, joy, wealth, flow and the memory of your complete form.

Swama Swama Walter
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