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The Akasha Chakra Essences are plant- and rescue-essences, which take their effect on the chakras and the whole energy system of the person.

Chakras are important energy centers of the body. They store all of the experienced and influence the mood and thoughts. The chakras are also connected to your potential and qualities, which have significance in everyone’s life: e.g. deep trust, power of creation, courage, joy of life, freedom and love.

With this background, the chakra work is in direct connection with personal well-being.

During a treatment with the Akasha Chakra Essences, the energy flow in the body is stimulated. This way the chakras and their qualities can fully unfold their power. This increases the energy available to the person. A balanced energy flow is vital for health.

The Akasha Chakra Essences also touch the person on an inner, soul level. They lead to an encounter and conflict with concrete events and issues. This way, changes can be accepted easier or old confining thought and behavioral structures can be released easier. The person can develop their own personality and experience confidence in their own power and path.

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