Healing methods

Healing methods on the Healer Network web page are professional areas of spiritual healing approaches. Amongst these are Shamanism, healing with crystals and stones, healing with essences, angels, healing through laying-on-of-hands, family constellations and much more. The here listed healing methods have all been received from the spiritual realm and have then been developed further. Many healers of Healer Network have been trained in one or more healing methods, or practice their own.

Here you find a list of all healing methods. By clicking on one of the healing methods you get a more detailed page with information on the method and the founder of the method.

Akasha Logo klein2 Akasha Chakra Essences®
The Akasha Chakra Essences are plant- and rescue-essences, which take their effect on the chakras and the whole energy system of the person.
atanta_logo_klein-8fe704d5 Atanta – Healing Knowledge of the Primordial Magnetism
Magnetic structures govern all life forms on Earth – any kind of
Atl-Kristallheilung-Logo-kl-75a1925f Atlantic Crystal Healing
Atlantic Crystal Healing is founded in the ancient knowledge of the healing powers of stones and crystals. Every gem stone, every crystal carries an
Dauris_Kristallheilung_logo_klein Dauri’s Crystalhealing
Stones and crystals are light vessels. They bring us into contact with our own light. They support us where there is no flow and connect us with the
Deborahs_Starlight_logo_klein Deborah’s Starlight Essences
The Starlight Essences remind you of your original light. They give clarity, structure and orientation and so support you in all of your life’s stages
Essener_logo_klein Essenes Healing Knowledges
Long lost knowledge of the Essenes has now become accessible again. Through the pure Christ light, with which the Essenes work, imbalances in
Engergetische Osteopathier_logo_klein Energetic Osteopathy
The body, divine temple of the soul. In this work new possibilities of transformation and a new awareness for yourself are opened
feuerschamanen_logo_klein Fire Shamanism
Here shamanic (healing-) knowledge from different traditions is connected with one another. Fire shamans can recognise, in connection with the fire,
Gauri_Gatha_logo_klein Gauri Gatha – Song of the Divine Mother
Our life is molded by family, society and personal structures. Habits and conflicts often restrict our joy in life. This can lead so far that we feel
Pregnancy and Birth Attendant Training
Spiritual birth accompaniment gives children the possibility to come to Earth as awakened souls and to have helping hands at their side from the
Heikräfte_der_feen_Elfen_logo_klein The Healing Powers of the Elves and Fairies
Elves and fairies are part of a hidden world of light. With their light powers they serve nature. They charge plants, flowers, bushes and trees with their
heilmethoden_logo_klein Healing Methods of Aquarian Age
The speciality of this healing technique is the recognition and interpretation of genetic currents in the body. The balance of these energy currents is
Heilertradition_maria_logo_klein The healing tradition of Mary
Healers working in the healing tradition of Mary are healers of the white light.
They heal by the 7 holy flames of this tradition
heilwissen_lemuriens_logo_klein Healing Knowledge of Lemuria
Since the beginning of human consciousness, wise men and women of all cultures guard the knowledge of the healing power, which exists as
Lichtheilung_logo_klein Lighthealing
Prema, the highest form of love, is the healing power of the lighthealer. It is expressed in the abundance of possibilities of re-establishing flows
naturschamanen_logo_klein Nature Shamanism
Using the powers of the elements, mountains and herb essences enables nature to heal itself. Every human being carries nature as a mini cosmos
sita_mudra_logo_klein Sita Mudras
Sita Mudras connect the soul with its body. In the practical use, a flow between soul and body is created through simple body postures. Tensions and
soundhealer_logo_klein Spiritual Sound Healing
Spiritual Sound Healing uses the sound energies of creation. Everyone, every being, even seemingly dead matter has their own light and their own sound
venanda_logo_klein Venanda – Physical and Spiritual Beauty
Venanda, the healing school, utilises ancient healing methods from different cultures and redefines them. Venanda has a regenerating effect for body
Weisser INSHA Schamanismus-web WHITE INSHA SHAMANISM
The speciality of this healing method is the energy quality of the white light. This vibration activates the healing of the soul.