Healing meditation “We love the Earth and Earth heals us”

Hello dear friends,

once again a warm Hello to you all! Today I’m happy to invite you to our new monthly healing meditation for April. This time Joshua Tutzer takes us on a healing journey. The meditation is called: “We love the Earth and Earth heals us”.

In the many healing meditations you might have already heard, the recurring topic is often about becoming aware of the incredible diversity and love of the divine healing levels and helper. And to receive healing and unity through the love-contact with them.
Earth too, carries a special healing-potential for us.
All too often our daily lives are still hugely impacted by the ingrained pattern of feeling lonely here on Earth. We don’t feel seen, and struggle until we’re blue in the face and have lost faith in life, believing we have to do all by ourselves.
Where is the net, which catches us when we fall, which nourishes and loves us?
As we are rushing, stomping, running, kicking and limping through our lives here on Earth, we are not aware of what is carrying us.

Yet still, only in this consciously perceived loneliness, can the heartfelt wish arise to heal and to become one again with our own light.
As soon as the longing opens the door of our heart from within and the first rays of light shine out, healing-impulses flow into us along the same rays of light.
Every sunray of our heart lets us recognise the miracles and love here on Earth; the beauty of our fellow human beings, the innocent pure power of animals, the abundant generosity of nature. And the unlimited creation- and healing-power of Mother Earth. With each additional ray of light, that we expand, we become a part of the miracle we witness.

Give Earth the gift of your love and let yourself be embedded by her love. Be gentle with yourself. She, of all, knows like no one else here on Earth, how it is not to be recognised and to be alone. Let yourself be touched by her love and healing-power. She is always here!

Thank you very much for the gift you made us with this meditation Joshua!
And lots of joy to you all with this meditation.

With love, Himari from the Healer Network

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