Healing meditation to your divine core

Dear friends,

a warm hello to you all,
and a warm hello to You!

Once again we’re happy to invite you to our new monthly healing meditation!
Did you have a beautiful month of November, how has life been treating you?
As I am writing this, the weather outside keeps on changing, first it rained, then the sun came out, then it started raining again, all whilst inside the candles are burning calmly at my altar.

When I noticed this, I was inspired, because that’s exactly what this new meditation is all about! 🙂

This time, Lana Lunemann lovingly invites us to dive into the depths of our silence, where we find our radiant core, our unique divine spark, which is untouchable by all weathers.

How would you see the world if you felt the silence and the dance of your divine spark in you? How would you deal with the different weathers and situations in the world? And which beauty would you also see shining in others?

You are invited, dive in with humbleness and let yourself be touched by yourself: by your genius, shimmering and vibrating divine core. There are almost no words to describe your beauty… ♥

And then look around and recognize yourself in the endless sea of divine sparks, which all, just like you, desire to connect and share their gifts. And to radiate their finest qualities: loving like no other, forgiving like no other, standing up like no other and shining like no other!

We wish you a joyful Christmas time and a touching experience diving into your divine spark.

Your happiness, your love and your light is a gift to all of us. Thank you!

With love, your healing network ♥

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