Healing meditation “The gates to the Golden Age are open – walk through them!”

What happens when we start to walk and immerse into a new space which we have never entered before?

The Golden Age is upon us and we are already hearing so much about its arrival. Here and there we sense, sometimes more, sometimes less, that change is in the air. Sometimes in our lives one miracle after the other unfolds with never experienced magic and effortlessness and sometimes nothing works any more even though we do things exactly the way they have always worked.

The same way that every space has its own vibration, the Golden Age too has its own energy, its vibration and its unique glow, which already flows towards us. We are not yet used to being touched by it never mind being carried or even nourished.

Across all ages we have experienced and also deeply internalized that with immersing into life on earth we loose the connection to our personal heaven. We have learned that in life we have to bend, struggle and renounce ourselves.

The Golden Age is inviting us to let all these experiences and conditionings drop away, bit by bit, until there is nothing left but our blissful self which knows itself as the Light and the loving creator.

In this months meditation, in which Meerah Baum is lovingly guiding us this time, we are invited to let ourselves be touched beyond our minds and within our hearts by the energy of the Golden Age. How does our life change when we let ourselves be touched by a light which knows  no conditions? What can finally fall away and what can we finally uncover and live? As unknown as this space is, as little it can be grasped by the mind. Therefore let yourselves be touched within your hearts!

We wish you lots of joy immersing yourselves into the meditation and have a beautiful April.

And a very warm Thank You to you, Meerah, for your gift of this meditation!!

With love, your Healer network

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