Healing meditation “The diversity of healing methods”

Fe San neu 2013 - copieDifferent healing methods from various healing realms, times and cultures come together in the Healer Network. Together they create a net of light and healing, which touches all levels within us. They form a new healing room within us, which wants to be made visible by ourselves.

In this meditation we open up to the diversity of healing methods (even though I only mention a few of the methods during the meditation, all the others are equally present). We let ourselves be inspired by the healing impulses, which want to come to us and feel, how they create a healing room within ourselves.

Wishing you lots of joy with the meditation!

Fe San

The common monthly healing meditation “The diversity of healing methods” this time guided by Fe San takes place on Sunday the 10th may 2015, from 20.30 to 20.45.

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