Healing meditation to the “source of inspiration”


Healing meditation to the “source of inspiration” with Irka Schmuck

Irka 2Well, where are you heading for? How do you get yourself to that point, where others can see and recognize you and your qualities? Everything is at a standstill. You are running around in circles. You have already tried so much and nothing falls on fertile ground?

Maybe it’s because your expression doesn’t fully match your inner most flow yet.

“It is what sets our hearts on fire, which reveals to us our true nature. Our expression of this inner fire allows and opens others a space to recognise and live themselves”, says Irka Schmuck. She is the founder and leader of her spiritually aligned text- and coaching atelier in Freiburg, GE.

In her 3-day seminar “Writing is love” I was recently able to experience what this means and what makes Irka’s work so special.

Healing through conversation with oneself

Every single seminar day was an adventure for me to reach myself.
Maybe you are now thinking “so what?”.

In my case, the reason for this lies in my history. By the way – Irka Schmuck also calls her work Story-healing (the healing of your history).

Schreiben ist LiebeI am already walking my spiritual path for many years now and am self-employed in this field. However, I found myself entangled in dusty spiritual wisdoms, which hadn’t originated from my inner source for a long time. Many things didn’t flow like they used to at the beginning. I got stuck in a rut. I’d say: A mix-up of new ideas and sticky old shibboleths. And within this mess, I was no longer able to feel or hear, what actually IS. For a long time I went round in circles. Writing these blog articles for the Healer network has opened up the pathway for me to take part in Irka’s seminar “Writing is love”. In my case it was the missing puzzle piece to the previous coaching impulses received by Nohila Driever, Frankfurt and Sita Ma Kleinert, at lake Constance.

The title of the seminar “Writing is love” didn’t make me fully aware, which power these three days would behold. And still it expresses it all. Because love unites all the different aspects which these three seminar days are all about.

The power of one’s own love-flow becomes visible

The coaching is directed towards the self-realisation within one’s own love-flow. The neutral external assessment of the other group members and the spiritual leadership by Irka helped me to find my inner home again. Bathed in the fire of love I got my courage back and above all the clarity of “What is”. I was finally on fire for my own fire again. “Writing is love” brought back my enthusiasm. My love. My expression.

This work was a kind of healing therapy for me. It was so easy for me to dive into it, as creativity and inspiration were continuously streaming in during the seminar. This lovingly and very clearly re-opened the gate to my own creativity and creation. It prepared my new ground and path on which I can continue to walk now.

Dear Irka, I thank you wholeheartedly.

The common monthly healing meditation to the “Source of inspiration” this time guided by Irka takes place on Sunday the 8th March 2015, from 20.30 to 20.45.

Let yourself be inspired too!

Healing meditation to the “source of inspiration”

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