Healing meditation “Simply you – create from your inner source”

Hello dear friends near and far,

every month one of our healer colleagues makes us all the gift of speaking a healing meditation for us. Surrendering in loving devotion the healer lets himself be filled and records the meditation that flows to him. It’s a stream of giving and taking, letting oneself being blessed and passing on the blessing of the divine gifts.

This month is no different. With her healing meditation “Simply you – create from your inner source” this time Farsh Nardon makes us this special gift. During the last days Farsh took part in a spiritual seminar in Santa Fe, New Mexico, from which all the participants are returning home now deeply fulfilled and transformed. And whilst all hell broke loose around them in the United States and in the whole world actually, within in the group of the seminar a love-light emerged like none of them have experienced before. The awareness for being love and being light became profoundly manifest and alive. Even more undeviatingly and more natural than ever before.

And this is what Farsh invites us to experience in this meditation.
Because not matter whether the storms are bashing around us, or whether we ourselves feel like a twister at the moment, in our core lies, like in the centre of a tornado, the eye of the tornado.

Complete stillness, the great emptiness full of possibilities, the source from which all sparks and flows of life emerge. And no, I won’t be saying now, come in, you’re allowed to enter and charge your batteries in this source, na! Because you need no permission. Because this is no source outside of you, you are the source yourself.
Of course there’s this small but fine difference in being conscious about it or not, feeling it within or not feeling it.

And to experience and bridge this slight yet significant difference with your love is what we wish to invite you to warm-heartedly with this meditation!

We wish you a blessed month of March, with or without tornados, but for certain always with your unique never ending source.

With lots of love to you,

your Healer Network

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