Healing meditation “Peace within the family”

Hello dear friends!

Once again we are very happy to introduce you to our new monthly meditation! This May meditation is dedicated to “Peace within the family”.

Larina Portrait BildVery often the feelings we have towards our family are the strongest and deeply rooted feelings we foster within us in our entire lives. They include all extremes, from feeling unconditionally loved and seen and always having a place to come home to, to feeling unseen, belittled, abused and rejected. What ever the feelings and experiences are, they run deep within us, shaping the choices we make later in life, the things we want to avoid at all costs, the relationships we form and the value we give to ourselves.

True unconditional love and the unfulfilled longing for it are the cause for all the different experiences and situations we have encountered in our family. And yet no matter how dramatic our past might have been, the only thing every single member of the family has always been looking for was and is LOVE. To be loved, to be seen and accepted for who we are. But love always goes both ways, it is unconditional and it starts with ourselves.

In this meditation Larina Freiberg gently leads us into our own unconditional love, which nourishes and fills us from within. From this state of loving expansion a new contact with a family member can establish from heart to heart. We are guided to love freely without condition and recognize the other person differently through the eyes of love. The love we give, does not only open new doors between one another, but is also the liberation for our own hearts.

As there is no happier heart than a heart that has found its power to love again, free and unconditionally.

We wish you love and happiness for the next month and lots of joy with this meditation!

A big thank you to you Larina for the gift of this meditation.

With love, your Healer network

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