Healing meditation “journey with your guardian angel”

Hello dear friends,

warm greetings to you all! A new month is just around the corner and once again we’re happy to invite you to our new healing meditation! This time Xira Zehnder invites us to meet our guardian angel in this wonderful meditation and to go with him on a healing journey.

It is our guardian angel, your guardian angel, who knows you like no one else.

He knows your origin, your very own story and your unique task.
He loves your origin and he loves your story with all of its different facets. And he knows, that the diversity and richness of your story is needed to bring out and illuminate the true treasure of your being with its unique task and gifts.

Through his loving eyes, every part of you is full of wonder and beauty, the bright parts and the parts that are still less bright.
He is delighted to see you shine and holds your light for you, where you can’t even imagine light yet.
Feel him, give yourself all the time you need, let yourself be held and be loved… And then emerge with a new power and the knowledge, that you will never ever be alone again. By your side you have a powerful angel, that sees the wonder you truly are! ♥

We wish you a fulfilling month of November and a touching meditation.

Lots of love, your Healer-Network

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