Healing meditation “Jazzing up healing powers with the light of the Golden Aera”

Invitation of the Golden Healing Matrix

Healing powers which were lived in previous incarnations may now become visible again. Many healers have prepared themselves through many incarnations to serve creation and human kind with their healing powers. The light of healing spreads felicity. The healer becomes happy, because he may spread his gift and therefore is able to manifest his heaven on earth. His client becomes happy, because he takes a step towards his awakening. The healing-light lights up and shines through the boundaries of illness and being unhappy. Light enters the human being.

On the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, light and knowledge are streaming to earth. People begin to recognize themselves. Ones own path of healing becomes visible.

The golden light of the Age of Aquarius supports every form of healing and becoming aware. It is available to Everyone. An invitation from within your heart is enough to perceive and integrate it.

In this healing meditation for the month of June we are inviting the healing light of the Golden Healing Matrix.

2016-04-27 14.26.51

Insha & Joshua


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