Healing meditation into the origin of Christ-light in the realm of the angels

Hello dear friends, a warm Hello to you all! ♥

Today we are happy to invite you once again to immerse yourself with us in the new healing meditation for March called “Healing meditation into the origin of Christ-light in the realm of the angels” and to recharge yourself in the bliss of this unconditional love.

Crey Deutschmann recorded this meditation for us and she leads us to a “place”, which is deeply sacred to her. With her intimate connection with the angels and to Jesus she invites us to experience the love of Christ in a new way and to let ourselves be healed.

This morning, as I was still contemplating with which words I could introduce you to this new meditation, my 9 months old baby boy lay sleeping in my arms. His face was so relaxed, with a gentle smile, his arms and legs stretched out in pure relaxation, open and full of trust.

That’s when I realised, this is it! In Christianity this sentence is often referred to: “And Jesus said, be like the children”.

When I looked I my son today, I suddenly knew what this sentence means. Babies and toddles often are still free of judgements and self-doubt. When the cry, they can cry so vehemently, that at times it really tugs at our heartstrings. When they laugh, they can laugh so light-heartedly, that we often can’t help reaching for the camera and that we also can’t stop to make them giggle. 😉

And when they sleep, they are so profoundly relaxed and blissful, that looking at them is like healing balm for our soul.

Unconsciously they still live fully trusting in life and they are allowed to be real. This is why every thing they do carries this intensity, no matter whether they are crying, laughing, sleeping or playing with their food, they are right in the middle of it, living fully!

As adults, we have often lost this authenticity and immediacy. We have learnt, that we are not allowed to be who we are, that the world can’t handle us being so intense and real. We developed fears and self-doubt. Our suppressed emotions are the breading ground for further emotions like sadness, powerlessness and rage.

We are lost in the tangles of our disconnectedness. But where is the love, that loves us the way we are? That gives us room to breathe again, until we can feel ourselves again. That gives us wings to expand our heart again and to let our love shine?

Have you ever experienced a situation like this? You’re walking down the street, thinking of the million things you still need to do. Submerged in your own world and maybe with a slight grim expression on your face. Suddenly you look up and see a beloved friend unexpectedly walking towards you. She has already spotted you before and is smiling all over her face. You can’t help it, your facial expression immediately changes too.

Your heart jubilates with joy and your arms open up wide to embrace your friend. Everything else moves into the background, you laugh and are exited talking to each other, or maybe you are even crying for joy. Without any effort, you are totally in the moment now, without reservations and without holding back. You’re literally bubbling with realness.

This is very similar to when we unify with the Christ-love in our heart. When we open our heart and say “Yes”, we notice that this love already “stands” there with wide open arms. She has waited for us, like the best, loyal friend. She waited that our longing makes our heart touchable with love again. She’s waited to enfold us in her arms and to release us bit by bit from all our fears. And she can hardly wait to reveal to us again, what wonderful and loving beings we truly are.

And once we remember again who we really are, we become like children. Free and immediate, living in the moment, full of power and soulfulness, and in each moment joyfully sharing the unique gift we have brought with us from heaven…

…Only that now, we are doing it consciously! We are consciously connected, consciously authentic, consciously loving and consciously living with a sense of deep trust towards all that is, including ourselves. ♥

Sending you all heartfelt wishes and wishing a wonderful month of March. Thank you very much Crey for your devotion and the gift you’re making us.

With lots of love,

Himari from the INSHA Healernetwork

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