Healing meditation “Healing with the Divine Mother“

Hello dear friends!

A warm welcome to our new October Healing meditation “Healing with the Divine Mother”. This time Sahira Dehn spoke this meditation for us. Thank you very much for your gift Sahira!

This meditation already accompanies me since a few days now and I “carried” it within me to find words, that I could share with you.
After unsuccessfully trying to record the English version of the meditation this afternoon, which turned out impossible, as there were far too many loud background noises (high heels and drilling noises were just a few of them), I sprinted off to catch the bus to pick up my son from nursery.

And as I was sitting on the bus, seriously wondering whether I would be able to finish all that had to be done today, I immersed myself in the essence of the meditation and asked myself what it really takes to be in contact with the Divine Mother.

And suddenly I felt it clearly, it doesn’t need anything!
She was with me, when I tried to record the English version and she was with me now, as I was searching for words. There is no good moment, as she is always already here!

No matter whether I meditate.
No matter whether I work or sleep
No matter whether I feel important or small
No matter whether I’m sitting on the bus pondering
It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter at all!!

Like the air we breathe
and the earth that carries us

..she is always already here!

There is nothing we, nothing you and I, need to do, in order to be allowed to feel her love. There is no purity-test that needs to be passed, nor do we need to wait until we finally have a moment of peace and quiet!

No, there’s absolutely nothing we have to do, but we can pause for a moment, right now, to listen and feel with the heart… and there she is!
Lovingly she smiles at me, with a wink in her kind and joyful eyes. Yes, that’s her, my beloved Divine Mother. And I know, that I am allowed to live and love and that I am carried. Always!

In this sense I wish you a wonderful meditation and encounter with “your” Divine Mother.

Lots of love,
Your Healer-Network

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