Healing meditation: “Healing journey to your origin”

Dear Manora, a miracle has happened!

Shori neu..writes the healer and Dipl. Psychologist Shori Pircher in an email to me from Bangalore in India. The native South Tyrolean has opened a Light- and Healing centre there more than a year ago. She has travelled to Bangalore for many years to prepare the life and work at this place for herself. It is her personal power place. At this place she gives birth to her own knowledge.

„The Sacred Soul Salts“ of Shori are …

Salz Mandala A…personalized healing salts especially aligned by the healer herself.

Sacred Soul Salts remind us of our individual soul vibration, which is untouched by all the incarnation experiences. They remind us of our very own power of creation and help to pave the way to these qualities. They bring creation structures back into a flow and regenerate the natural flow of unshakable love, freedom, peace and power over oneself. It’s a very valuable contribution by Shori, which serves the individual as much as the earth and the universal worlds beyond. Love is recognised everywhere and creates the New.

“Your original vibration is indestructible”

Shori herself experiences this “new” way of “working” at her place in Bangalore and writes:

I recently went to Srirampuram, the poor quarter which Agni encircled on the city map for me. Up to now I had rarely been there –people had warned me that it would be dangerous for me there, and I hadn’t gathered the courage to just go. Most probably other things were important to deal with first – like healing myself.

Recently, I suddenly had the impulse to go there. And so I strolled through a few streets in the area and let myself be guided. Eventually I felt drawn to walk into a side street with tiny little shops. In a minuscule shop I bought a tacky piece of braid and got talking to the owner of the shop and her sister-in-law – more with hands and feet, than words :-).

DSC04023I gave a treatment to the sister-in-law because she had a headache and more and more people gathered. Indra, the shop owner invited me to her apartment on the first floor and served me some delicious chai. Then the news spread like wildfire in the big building that a lady”Dr. Psychologist” was here and I couldn’t ward off the many requests of at least 5 families to visit them. I treated several people, drank chai and gave consultations. I had to promise that I would come back the next day. Since then I have been there several times, energised healing salts, gave consultations, initiated(taught)three men (into) the heart meditation and did energy Feng Shui twice. And the requests for help don’t cease …

It is just fantastic! Each time I had completely forgotten the time, I was submerged in deep, infinite bliss, which I normally don’t experience over here! I feel so at One with the people there – I can hardly find words for it. They have opened their doors and hearts to me. I am at home. Here is the heart chakra of my power place. Here the golden beam of creation has connected with the earth.”

Incidentally, the knowledge of the „Sacred Soul Salts“ was released after a profound city healing work during which the golden beam of creation connected with the earth at the heart chakra of Bangalore – precisely this poor district Srirampuram.

Fancy your own healing journey to your origin?

On Sunday 14th December 2014, the monthly healing meditation takes place from 20.30 to 20.45 this time guided by Shori Pircher.

On Sunday 14th December 2014, the monthly healing meditation takes place from 20.30 to 20.45 (this time) guided by Shori Pircher.

You can contact Shori via Facebook (Shori Pircher, Shori’s Bhakti Love Centre, Heilung der Seele – Rückkehr zur Vollständigkeit) and via Skype or email .

Thank you Shori for your healing creation-presence.



Healing Meditation „Healing journey to your origin“

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