Healing meditation “Healing in the lotus-fires of the earth”

Hello dear friends,

A warm “Hello” to you all.
We are very happy to welcome you to our new healing meditation for the month of July!

Our dear healer colleague Padmaya Berna Lobascio, who lives close to Zurich, has made us this gift and recorded the meditation “Healing in the lotus-fires of the earth” for us this time. Lovingly she takes us by the hand and guides us to these holy fires inside the earth. Here we are allowed to become empty and to become one with earth’s love for us. We are invited to fully let go in the arms of the fire and to recharge our batteries, to arrive back anew, fulfilled.. here on earth, in our lives, and within the naturalness of our own love.



This time it is an invitation of a special kind, as it also comes with a goodbye.
For the last two years I had the pleasure to get to know wonderful healers each month and to share their healing meditations with you. ♥
Yet recently, I all of a sudden felt very clearly, that the time had come to make a new space for a change in my life, and therefore I will not continue my work with the healing meditations.
I have now been told by Joshua, that the Insha-Healer-network is also redirecting itself at the moment (general assembly on Whitmonday 2017), so that the monthly healing meditations will be suspended for a while after I stop.
I’m in awe at this amazing synchronicity of life.
I admire the courage to take a break, so the new can develop, as even the most beautiful rosebush, has to be pruned once in while, for it to flourish with new splendour once again..

I therefore would like to invite you even more solemnly to this healing meditation and wish you lots of joy immersing yourself in the fires.

And thank you very much Padmaya for your meditation.

Wishing you the very best on your path!

Lots of love,
Himari and your Insha-Healer-Network ♥

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