Healing meditation “Golden love-flow for you and the world”

Hello dear friends!

A big warm welcome to our new monthly healing meditation “Golden love-flow for you and the world”. This time Aros Petzelberger made us the present to speak this meditation for us and to take us on a healing journey with him. Thank you very much Aros!

Probably you have heard the saying “Think big” quite a few times in your life! Although this saying can be quite motivating, it can also be quite exhausting, as they still live within us, these old stubborn patterns and customs, that still think and feel small. A small battle begins within us, where we try to extinguish, bottle up or overwrite these old patterns, so tiresome…

And there it comes, the golden age with its golden light and thumbs its nose at us.
The golden light says:

“Hey you! ♥ Yes you! Stop struggling, overthinking and fighting. Let me touch you, it is easy.

I am the light of peace, your peace which you’re searching for.
I am the love, your love which you’re longing for.
I am the abundance, your abundance which you’re carrying within you.
Together lets tune into your lightness, into your love and your infinity.
Are you ready to stop your battle? Then come with me and dive into your golden love- and life flow!”

We wish you a beautiful meditation and blessed golden New Year 2017!

With love, your healer-network

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