Healing meditation “Finding your next steps”

Hello dear friends,

a warm welcome to you all! Like the imminent beginning of the new school year, many of us find themselves experiencing big changes at the moment, which are leading us to a new phase in our lives and to new inner rooms, that want to be entered, loved and filled with life. It feels as if we stand on a threshold, between “yesterday” and “completely new”. And even if standing on the threshold feels shaky and full of uncertainties, we feel, that it’s exactly here where we can make decisions and lay down the tracks deep within our hearts for everything that is to come after the threshold.

The longing to live ourselves more truthfully and lovingly than ever before, opens our heart to everything that belongs to our path, to everything that serves our growth to completeness and to all that makes us happy.

In this healing meditation today Sina Nanasi invites us to come along on a journey with her. It is a journey we can take today and every time when we feel that we stand on a threshold where we want to feel deeper into ourselves, so that our next steps emerge from the integrity and love of our being.
The deeper we dive into the essence of the next step, the more we can perceive the love and the gift this step holds for us. The recognition transforms into a decision which lets us walk our path wholeheartedly and which carries us.

The decision empowers us and gives us strength. Strength to stride bravely into the new rooms of our lives with easy and determined steps.

In this spirit we wish you all a beautiful golden month of September, lots of joy with this meditation and thank you very much to Sina for your gift to us.

Lots of love, your healer network

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