Healing meditation “Finding the power of your own expression in the fires of plants.”

Manora 4Plant fires – Mirror of your soul

“The sources of the plant fires are power fires, in which it is very easy to fall into deep relaxation. The light on this healing level is very nourishing and mirrors very detailed the essence and origin of each being”

Plant fires – healing fires

To benefit from its healing power you can either physically light this type of fire or dive into it on an energetic level. The fire is accompanied by different nature beings and elementals, by angels, devas, guardians and the divine mother. The plant fire automatically establishes contact to these subtle worlds within us and around us. Through this connection it becomes easy to be in inner communication with these worlds of light. The fire can also be used for healing. This conscious way of plant communication creates a new level of healing with plants. Individual initiations also enable us to act as a healing companion for others. The energy of the plant fires can be applied in all areas of life.

Plant fire – awakens your inner knowledge

Feuer“In these current times the plant fire calls all its companions like masters, guardians, angels, priests and sages to its side.” says the fire. To say it differently: “If reading this text, tickles your memory in any way, you probably should revive this healing method within your spirit, your soul and your expression. It is of no importance, what your worldly tasks are at the moment.”

Plant fire – clears your path

You would like to find yourself again in this power as well, to unfold it and learn to accompany others with it? Then let us reveal the inherent plant- and healing qualities together.

In spring/summer of 2015 I am planning to offer events of initiation into the world of plant fires and their potential application. If you feel attracted by the content of this blog and the energy of the meditation, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

You can find me on Facebook or via email manorabuddha@hotmail.com

The Plant fire says “I love you”.

Whole heartedly.

Manora Gerber, “thee, who extracts light from plants”.

The monthly healing meditation, this time guided by me, takes place on Sunday the 8th of February from 8.30 to 8.45pm.

Healing meditation “Finding the power of your own expression in the fires of plants.”


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