Healing meditation “Experience healing in connection with the original sound of your soul”

Hello dear friends,

a joyful “Hello” and a warm welcome to you to our new monthly healing meditation for the month of June. Today Anjara Bartz leads us into the wonderful world of sounds, to be precise, into the wonderful world of our own soul-sound, where we can hear the original rhythm and melody of our true being. Free from the belittling voices of our fears or the distracting noises of our outside world.

Just before you hear the meditation I myself would like to take you on a little journey. Imagine this: Someone you know has a quality you admire a lot. So much so, that you wish you could “copy and paste” that quality, that particular vibration into your own being. Maybe it’s that confidence, that radiance, that light-heartedness, that gentleness, that cheekiness, that fire or that perseverance you would love to copy. You desperately would love to be like him or her in that respect…

But now imagine a different scenario: you open up and a sound, a melody streams to you. It comes right from the source of your beautiful creation and carries all your goodness. With its pure love it flow into you and fills every part of you, even filling every “dead corner” in you. Every “black hole” within you, you had always wished to fill with the qualities you admired in other people is now filled with the vibrant life our own sound. You are full and fulfilled by your own melody and bliss. And this is, when you realise there and then, that the way you see yourself now in this “new” vibration is exactly the way you had always dreamed to be. And that although wanting to be like someone else was a heartfelt expression of your longing to become the best version of yourself, that copy of someone else’s quality would have never quite fitted with your own true rythm.

Sound is rich and so simply at the same time. As you listen to music it can make you feel sadness in an instant, make you travel to distant places or it can make you feel energised and ready for life. And listening to the sound of your soul can awaken the very own beat of your being again. The more you listen to your own soul-melody, the more you realise and feel empowered again, to be who you really are, without the need to copy and paste anything. It’s all there, safeguarded and stored for eternity in the un-deletable sound-cloud of your soul.

So please with the power of your open heart download it now, and listen to it over and over again!
And one more thing: please, if downloading seems slow, stay online and patient, because even fragments are proof of the greater sound and will sooner or later unite to the symphony of your soul.

We look forward to hear your soul-sound!

♥ ♥ ♥

A big thank you to you Anjara and lots of love and joy to you all,
your Himari from the Healer-Network

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