Healing meditation “Experience freedom and joy in the lap of the Divine Mother”

Hello dear friends,

today we are inviting you again to meditate with us in the worldwide love network, coming Sunday.

12351224_10153286447747263_1447415495_nLike every month a healer is leading us during the meditation into a specific healing-energy, in which we can expand our love and receive healing.
In this guided meditation, PavaMa John invites us to submerge ourselves in the golden healing-fountain of the healing-priests and to free ourselves from the burdens of everyday life. We are able to experience, that we are always held by the love of the Divine Mother, who is the never ending source of these healing-fountains. Her love for us is eternal and profound, whether we feel it or not. Submerged in this golden light however, we can feel, that we are always invited to recharge our batteries in her light, to heal and to become free.

PavaMa John lives and works as a social worker/companion for people in need and as a spiritual healer in Paderborn. Her calling to work as a healer began many years ago during a talk by Insha Holz about the healing-priests, who have their origin in Atlantic times, and their healing-methods for the age of Aquarius. The words touched her deeply like old memories, tears were rolling down her face and she knew, that she definitely had to learn these energy healing-methods. In this moved state she was in she felt, that she had arrived on her path, that she didn’t have to search no more, that she had found what belongs to her. A really deep longing awoke to heal and serve others with this way of healing. However, when she began walking her path with this heartfelt desire, something unexpected started happening. Not only did PavaMa learn to meet her clients with unconditional love, but to give herself this gift of love too. She didn’t only learn to open a space of healing for her clients, but also to always allow and create a space of healing for herself. And she didn’t only learn to connect to the divine healing-fountains for the benefit of her clients, but also to receive strength, love and healing herself from these healing-fountains.

Her path of serving, simultaneously led her home to herself. Actually, this is quite logical, and yet it was such a wonderful unexpected gift on her path. Of course like before, life still holds challenges, tells me PavaMa, but nowadays she feels a sense of peace and connectedness with herself and all of life and a new-found freedom and joy to be able to be truly herself. This is the gift she wants to share with us today. The freedom and joy, which we can experience, when we surrender to the spiritual world and let ourselves be loved and nourished unconditionally.

Thank you PavaMa and we are wishing you all lots of joy with this mediation!

Lots of love, your Healer-network

This upcoming meditation will take place on Sunday 13th December from 8.30pm to 8.45pm, Central European Time.

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