Healing meditation “Dive into the network of love and healing”

The healer network

Fotolia_59880261_S-280x280The most beautiful common meditations for me are always the meditations of the healer network, taking place once a month. I never feel more connected to you all, never loved more profoundly and am rarely more expanded than during these meditations.

Today I, Insha, have the pleasure to lead this healing meditation. As a healing priestess I open for you the gates to the temple of healing. The light of the temple has expanded tremendously in the last months.

It is flooded by the light of the 12 healing sources of the Divine Mother. This light now flows into the healer network. It carries you; it flows through you, loves you. It brings unity in love with everyone in this network.

Within this unity we turn our gaze to the earth and its inhabitants. We spread our love into every living creature, into every existing consciousness. We perceive that we are nourished by the heavens and connect heaven and earth in a net of love for everyone.

Insha-FBThe blissful light of Jupiter, which is very active at the moment, streams into the net, into our life and opens doors, which seemed locked for a long time. New things can happen. Our longing can fulfil itself now.

Connected to all there is, one with everything, we refuel on healing and love and spread healing and love.

I would love it, if you would recommend our healer network to others.

Your Insha

The common monthly healing meditation “Dive into the network of love an healing” this time guided by Insha takes place on Sunday the 12th April 2015, from 20.30 to 20.45.

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