Healing meditation “Cycles of life”

Hello dear friends,

Welcome to our March healing meditation!

We have sightly changed the purpose of these monthly healing meditations. Rather then meditating together on one single date, these guided meditations now accompany and support us with their topic and healing energy right through the month. Feel free to meditate with this video whenever you need to recharge your batteries and receive support and healing on your journey, or simply when you want to give yourself a treat.

IMG_3668In this monthly meditation, Saline Quindel invites us to dive into the cycles of life. From the smallest to the greatest detail, our life is always embedded and carried by the cycles of life. Right from our breath to the beating of our heart, to day and night, to the tides and the rhythms of the stars, the four seasons, to the bigger cycles in our life, right to birth and death. Everything is always carried by the swaying rhythm of inhaling and exhaling, expansion and contraction, of growth and withering.

Although we often miss the sun in winter time, we have come to love the unique beauty of the season. In our own life however, we often don’t recognize the smaller and greater cycles we are passing through. Times of heaviness and gathering strength, of tiredness and retreating within, are often not as appreciated and cherished as the times in which we are literally bursting with energy. Yet every phase of any cycle carries a true treasure and blessing.

In this meditation you are invited on a journey into the cycles of life. As you surrender deeply to each phase, you feel, that you are always carried by the vital energy of life and the divine love. Submerge yourself and feel the deep trust, that you are always held and nourished.
Give yourself to the rhythm of each cycle and gather your strength and your treasures in times of retreat and blossom in your unique beauty, once your being wants to bloom!

Thank you very much Saline and we are wishing you all lots of joy with this mediation and a happy month of March!

Lots of love, your Healer network

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