Healing mediation “Unfold your naturalness in the peace of the forest”

Hello dear friends,

We’re very happy to invite you once again to our new healing meditation “Unfold your naturalness in the peace of the forest”. Inspired by her special love for nature our healer-colleague Farani Linke speaks this beautiful meditation for us this time. In contact with nature Farani lovingly guides us to get in touch with the naturalness of our own nature, our own being.

What is it, that makes nature so magical, so healing and balancing? Why is it, that when we get home again from a long nature walk, we might feel tired, but still so fulfilled and liberated? For sure, it has to do with the extra oxygen, but this can’t be the only reason.
Nature has kept a special quality alive for us. In nature every being is allowed to be itself. Here every animal, every plant, every thing is allowed to sing its unique song of creation according to its own nature, without self-doubts, feelings of guilt or even resentments towards another being.

Picture this, a bird that feels offended or disregarded by the chirping of another bird, or a tribe of voles that take up arms to fight moles. Or the wonderful bee that is able to fly forwards as well as backwards all of a sudden becomes envious of the beauty of a dragonfly.

Imagining this is kind of funny, but we humans are doing things like this.
In a certain way, nature shows us that world peace is possible and that it begins with authenticity and naturalness. Although nothing is regimented, everything is in harmony with each other. And although a measuring tape was not used once, everything vibrates full of abounding unsurpassed beauty.

And this is the grand present of nature. She always holds it ready for us. We are allowed to dive into her peaceful silence that connect all the different sounds and noises, until we once more feel the eternal pulse of our very own being. Because we are happy when we are natural, we are strong when we are authentic and we are full of love and vital spirits when we live ourselves.

Thank you Farani for this wonderful meditation!

We wish you lots of joy with this meditation and maybe you would like to do it outside at nice place in nature.

With love, your Himari from the Healer-network


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