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The Chakras

Besides our physical form our bodies also have an energy system, which surrounds us as an energetic field – our aura.

In eastern cultures this is ancient knowledge.

This energy system is created by chakras, which rotate in light wheels along the spine and energise our body. They have a great influence on our thoughts and feelings.Chakras with German Labeling

Each chakra has its own colour frequency. It begins at the base of the spine with red and ends in the area of the vertex with purple.

All chakras together form the rainbow cycle, as its composition is analogous to white light being fanned out through a prism.

SOURCE: Alpha Chi – die Neun Meisterschulen – Agni Eickermann/Durga Holzhauser (Alpha Chi – The Nine Master Schools – Agni Eickermann/Durga Holzhauser)