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Healing days

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Are you looking for alternative healing ways, which put you, your being and soul at the centre of healing? Then please feel warm-heartedly welcome to our “Healing Days”. Here you will find healers with different healing approaches, which accompany you to find your completeness, your “being-whole” in you and around you again. Illness means unconsciousness of the own spiritual origin and the own path. Through the loving attention and devotion of a healer you can once again make contact with your own (inner) self. Illness loosens its grip and healing is allowed to happen. The spiritual healing methods do not replace medical treatment. In the health system they are to be understood as the third pillar next to conventional and natural medicine, which touches and clears the deeper spiritual (mental/emotional) cause. Here lies an unimaginably great healing potential, which only now comes to the surface of public attention bit by bit.

Trying out and diving in

Klangschalen-HeilerThe healing days take place in light centres or in healing practices. You can come along on the appointed dates without registration. Look forward to a sample treatment free of charge. The longing of the soul to find itself, always finds a way to make itself heard. Does this still have to be illness? Or are you beginning NOW to listen to yourself and your body? Get to know us personally, enjoy a consultation or treatment free of charge, and ask us questions which are important to you or simply drink a tea with us.

    Healing meditation

    HeilmeditationEvery second Sunday of the month we meditate from 8:30pm to 8:45pm. Everyone is invited to join in and meditate from home. The meditations of the Healer network serve the healing of man, cosmos and earth. The monthly healing meditation always has a topic. This is received a few days before from the spiritual realm and will be announced in the blog of this web page.

    You are very welcome to share your impressions and experiences of the healing meditation: leave a comment below the announcement of the healing meditation or on Facebook on the Insha Healer Network Page, (page is in German and English).

    Latest meditation:

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    Gloria V Beth Schappert von Pimpco speaks about learning about energetic healing methods and her path to becoming a healer.

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