Chagan – Fire shaman and team leader

familie_quindel-Shiva's Loving LightIn a little enchanted house in Gilching, west of Munich, lives Chagan Quindel with his family.

That is also where they have their centre. A centre for meditation and holistic healing methods – Shiva’s Loving Light.

When you are there, you are flooded with a warm and loving light, like at sunrise, which fills you with the feeling of a new beginning.

This makes you brave and intrigued all at once.

“Our spiritual home is the fire – our path is love – it is our wish to awaken with you the magic in your life again. Here, everything has space, here everything is allowed to be. Come as you are! The bliss of unity – immerse yourself in the abundance of your being, feel the power of your inner fire, experience unity with everything that is. Begin to live – here and now!”

Today I am interviewing Chagan, who enriches the centre with his knowledge as Fire Shaman.

Dear Chagan, since when have you been a shaman and what has lead you to choose this path?

Chagan FeuerschamaneAm I a shaman? When I hear the word “shaman” (and I always felt this way), I think of wild, unpredictable, long-haired men in animal fur, living in and with nature on a daily basis. The word “shaman” triggers a whole lot of associations within me, which I can not at all associate with my life.

However, when I pause and cast a deeper glance, beyond the obvious, I can feel these shamanic aspects within me after all, like little seeds full of power and clarity, under layers of memories, pain and dogmas. Let me put it like this, I might not be a shaman yet, but I am in contact again with my shamanic roots, and each day I am living my shamanic side a little more.

I don’t at all have the feeling of having “taken” this path, it is rather a collection of many little decision at many little crossroads, which have led me here. In hindsight one might see this or that decision as THE ESSENTIAL one, but I think at the given time it was just one of many possible paths. And by opening up to my life, I find the correct – my – path. And this, I feel it through the blazing fire in my heart – is the path of the fire shamans.

How would you describe your work?

I love working with rituals most, which I prepare individually for the client. Rituals are wonderful “graspable” energies, which the clients can perceive well, embrace and integrate into their everyday life. Being a fire shaman, besides the shaman drum, the fire, symbol of purity, power and devotion, also plays a big part. Rituals can be ceremonious and truly “holy”, sometimes however, they are very practical and down to earth, depending on who is in front of me and what issue wants to be addressed.

This actually is what I like most about being a shaman – just to create out of the moment, from whatever there is. Without techniques or learning by heart, but rather through devotion to the fire, accepting and giving myself 100percent to what I perceive as the right thing.

What is your philosophy?

All is one. Don’t try to divide your spiritual life from your worldly life. You are who you are, everywhere, and this is good.

What else do you do beside this wonderful work?

QuindelI am team leader of a sales team in a big German car hire company. My staff members challenge me each day to learn how to stay connected with my inner alignment and to face my life task. I’m very grateful to them for this … even if sometimes this can be quite exhausting.

By the way, I owe this leading position to the fire shaman training, because only through the intense engagement with my powers and my potential to lead , was I brave enough to actively go after the vacant position as a team leader, instead of waiting to be “discovered”.

What is your biggest wish – your vision?

I actually don’t have a big wish, no world spanning vision. When I ask myself, what would be the best thing that could happen to me, it would be: simply BEING.

And yes, maybe that’s my wish, my vision of a better world: That all of us simply are, instead to constantly do.

Our current time is quite turbulent. Something is shifting and changing in all of us. Do you have an impulse or tip for us to take along?


Forget planning. These times are over.

Open up to what is and look forward to life’s coincidences.

Thank you very much for writing these lines to us.

I wish you and your family a vibrant and fulfilling year.


Ura“Connecting the heavens and the earth,
the spiritual with the terrestrial,
love with light.”


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