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Healing meditation “Love your way to your true Self”

Being, how you truly are. A path to you – a path to your true being.

Hello dear friends,

© Ulla FrankeIn this months healing meditation Trita Agca invites us to look lovingly at everything which still blocks or seems to block our clear connection with our true self. Often these are unhealed memories of painful situations of the past, some deeply buried, some still feeling raw. Like clouds they blur or block our view of the sun. And yet each and every one of them hold within them unique treasures of love, joy and understanding for our life. Perceived through the eyes of love, we are empowered to embrace, transform, heal and dissolve these blockages. By transforming these aspects with love we become free and aware of our true being and our true power: LOVE!

Trita invites us with these words:

“In recognizing the aspects, which have accumulated between you and your true self, you are able to decide in each moment of your life, what happens with them… Do you still need these aspects for your growth? Are you yourself unable to let go of them? If they are no longer serving you, these aspects can be dissolved and become a part of the abundance of your life as a memory and a new wealth. Aspects you still need, are being nourished with light and love, so they develop further, in order to serve you best. The freer the connection between you and your true being becomes, the clearer and more distinctly you live, what you truly are. Pave the way to your self. Live, what you truly are.”

Thank you Trita and we are wishing you all lots of joy with this mediation and happy month of February!

Lots of love, your Healer network

This upcoming meditation will take place on Sunday 14th February from 8.30pm to 8.45pm, Central European Time.