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Healing meditation “Healing power of the stones”

we hope you had a wonderful sunny month of July and once again we are happy to invite you to our new monthly healing meditation “Healing power of the stones”.

In this meditation Dauri Neumann is leading us into the world of crystals, in which we can be touched, recharged and inspired by their light. Just like angels or other light beings, crystals too are not bound to a specific place, as we can always make contact anywhere we are through our own heart. Through the light-contact, they begin to shower their gifts upon us, by reawakening our own inner truth about love and healing.

At times we find it difficult to let ourselves be recharged and healed, as we don’t want to depend on an outside source nor do we want to suck the source dry. But on a level of light we can’t drain the crystals’ energy, shall I tell you why? 😉 Each type of crystal in its light-presence is an embodied truth of love, it IS it and isn’t capable to stop being it. Truth is!

Healing happens when the light we need right now, touches and kisses our own inner, and maybe forgotten, truth awake.

Thus, when we allow ourselves to receive, we begin to remember more and more, what we actually long for so deeply: that we may receive and be happy, that we are full of love and that we are allowed to shine our light!

What’s the price we need to pay for this? To take the step to open the door of our heart and to truly grant ourselves happiness and love. If we truly want to give, we must first learn to allow ourselves joy and love.

We wish you lots of joy with this meditation and a wonderful contact with the crystals.

And to you Dauri, thank you very much for leading us into your favourite world with this meditation.

Lots of love, your Healer Network

Healing meditation “Love your way to your true Self”

Being, how you truly are. A path to you – a path to your true being.

Hello dear friends,

© Ulla FrankeIn this months healing meditation Trita Agca invites us to look lovingly at everything which still blocks or seems to block our clear connection with our true self. Often these are unhealed memories of painful situations of the past, some deeply buried, some still feeling raw. Like clouds they blur or block our view of the sun. And yet each and every one of them hold within them unique treasures of love, joy and understanding for our life. Perceived through the eyes of love, we are empowered to embrace, transform, heal and dissolve these blockages. By transforming these aspects with love we become free and aware of our true being and our true power: LOVE!

Trita invites us with these words:

“In recognizing the aspects, which have accumulated between you and your true self, you are able to decide in each moment of your life, what happens with them… Do you still need these aspects for your growth? Are you yourself unable to let go of them? If they are no longer serving you, these aspects can be dissolved and become a part of the abundance of your life as a memory and a new wealth. Aspects you still need, are being nourished with light and love, so they develop further, in order to serve you best. The freer the connection between you and your true being becomes, the clearer and more distinctly you live, what you truly are. Pave the way to your self. Live, what you truly are.”

Thank you Trita and we are wishing you all lots of joy with this mediation and happy month of February!

Lots of love, your Healer network

This upcoming meditation will take place on Sunday 14th February from 8.30pm to 8.45pm, Central European Time.

Healing meditation “Forgiving ourselves as a key to healing”

Hello dear friends,

Gandara-auf-sacred-landwe are happy to invite you again today to our monthly common healing meditation this coming Sunday 8th November! In this healing meditation Gandara Bier will guide us into the inner contact with the Divine Mother Mary. Touched by her love and kindness, a healing space opens up for us, in which we can allow ourselves to look at ourselves through loving eyes again and to forgive ourselves our burdens. We are able to perceive, that all we ever did, even the deeds that seemed furthest away from the light, carried the longing for love within them. We have never left the love of the Divine Mother. Her light is inviting us to give ourselves unconditionally to love, and to receive healing.

12205102_10153231838987263_539574683_nGandara Bier, a professional healing practitioner and spiritual teacher, has experienced the power of love herself through a life threatening illness. After every medical treatment failed, the deep and old connection to the Divine Mother awoke, which stems from the time she was a student of Mary herself. It was like an awakening, in which she realised that the key to her healing was and is to forgive and love herself unconditionally. Through the decision to dedicate her life to love and healing, Gandara once again recovered miraculously.

Since this time Gandara devotionally works with the healing light of Maria, to remind people again at the love within, which is able to activate all life-affirming powers.

You are warmly invited to immerse yourself into this healing space and experience the miracle of self-forgiveness.

Dear Gandara, thank you very much for this meditation!

Lots of love, your healer-network

This upcoming meditation will take place on Sunday 8th November from 8.30pm to 8.45pm, Central European Time.

Healing meditation “The power of love”

Dear friends,

Foto von Sitatoday we are cordially inviting you again to meditate with us during the worldwide healing meditation, this coming Sunday. The meditation, this time guided by Sita Kleinert, is dedicated to the power of love. As it unfolds we experience, that love opens up new inner and outer spaces for us, in which we can recognize and live ourselves joyfully and free of concerns. It is within this natural free state of being, in which we find the power to live our lives as joyful expression of who we really are. In all the relationships that matter in our lives, but especially the relationship between parents and children, emotions and feelings play an important role. When we can deeply love our own feelings for what they are and allow them to take part in the daily love-flow, they serve us to live a happy fulfilled life.

Since many years Sita Kleinert accompanies people to find fulfillment and leadership for their lives within the abundance of their own love. She teaches people to live lives nourished and powered by love, in which all human aspects are not only seen and given permission to be, but in which these aspects, embedded in loving unity, even benefit and support the individuals to live their destinies, the most inner calling of their soul and to also allow others to do the same. Only within love can everything find its righteous place. We wish you lots of joy with this meditation and are looking forward to meditate with you!

Lots of love, your healer-network

The next healing meditation will take place on Sunday 11th October from 8.30pm to 8.45pm, Central European Time.

Healing meditation “Immersing ourselves in the community of the Essene”

SumaraDear friends,

today we are inviting you again to meditate with us in the worldwide love network, coming Sunday. This time Sumara Creuzberg, Essene master und Spiritual teacher, will open up a space for us during her guided healing meditation in which we can immerse ourselves in the healing contact and encounter with the Essene and the Christ light. During the meditation Sumara will sing an ancient and holy mantra, which reminds us again of how it is to be connected and nurtured in a community of love, carried by the Christ light. In this love we will once again be able to expand and be our true self.

Sumara Creuzberg lives and works in Bonn, Germany, where she is leading the Bhakti Love Light Centre. Since many years she accompanies people with her work on their path to find themselves. It’s a matter close to Sumara’s heart, to help people to give room to their unconditional love in their lives and to experience a new closeness to the Christ light, in order to recognise their own qualities in a new light and to live them in their lives.

Thank you very much for this meditation Sumara and we wish everyone a touching encounter with the loving energy of the Essene.

Lots of love, your healernetwork

The next healing meditation will take place on Sunday 13th September from 8.30pm to 8.45pm, Central European Time.

Healing meditation “With gratitude into the new year”

What a year this was.

_DSC3080 KopieIt was a magnificent and fierce year for me. I often had the feeling that someone had taken me by the scruff of the neck and shook me until I no longer knew what had hit me.

All of the old wanted to be shaken off. Old thought patterns, old ways of behaviour, and resistances against life itself. Quite exhausting and still such unbelievably healing.

weibliche Anatomie mit markiertem DarmI notice a new deep love and connectedness with myself, my children, husband, the place where I live and the people I live with.

This whole phase of being thoroughly churned and shaken did not spare my body. For quite some time I could eat hardly anything without having pain, like a strong burning sensation in my stomach going right up to my throat. Sometimes I thought, maybe my body doesn’t want food anymore. Maybe I should change over to light food? But after all eating is soooo nice.

Suddenly around Christmas time all physical attacks stopped. Within two days. It feels as if my body is healing itself.

Falconer at sunset

Maybe you have felt or still feel something similar and therefore I would like to do a meditation with you today giving thanks to our body and then together with the White Eagle submerge ourselves in deep bliss.

We become One with him, One with our bliss and with this we will flood through the earth, people and all that crosses our path and exude ourselves with this energy into the New Year which is laying ahead of us. Loving our path through and through. Like this the New Year can be good and can get even better.

God is love. We are love.

Yours, Insha

On Sunday 11th January 2015, the monthly healing meditation takes place from 20.30 to 20.45 this time guided by Insha.

Healing meditation „With gratitude into the New Year“