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Healing meditation “Forgiving ourselves as a key to healing”

Hello dear friends,

Gandara-auf-sacred-landwe are happy to invite you again today to our monthly common healing meditation this coming Sunday 8th November! In this healing meditation Gandara Bier will guide us into the inner contact with the Divine Mother Mary. Touched by her love and kindness, a healing space opens up for us, in which we can allow ourselves to look at ourselves through loving eyes again and to forgive ourselves our burdens. We are able to perceive, that all we ever did, even the deeds that seemed furthest away from the light, carried the longing for love within them. We have never left the love of the Divine Mother. Her light is inviting us to give ourselves unconditionally to love, and to receive healing.

12205102_10153231838987263_539574683_nGandara Bier, a professional healing practitioner and spiritual teacher, has experienced the power of love herself through a life threatening illness. After every medical treatment failed, the deep and old connection to the Divine Mother awoke, which stems from the time she was a student of Mary herself. It was like an awakening, in which she realised that the key to her healing was and is to forgive and love herself unconditionally. Through the decision to dedicate her life to love and healing, Gandara once again recovered miraculously.

Since this time Gandara devotionally works with the healing light of Maria, to remind people again at the love within, which is able to activate all life-affirming powers.

You are warmly invited to immerse yourself into this healing space and experience the miracle of self-forgiveness.

Dear Gandara, thank you very much for this meditation!

Lots of love, your healer-network

This upcoming meditation will take place on Sunday 8th November from 8.30pm to 8.45pm, Central European Time.

Healing meditation “The power of love”

Dear friends,

Foto von Sitatoday we are cordially inviting you again to meditate with us during the worldwide healing meditation, this coming Sunday. The meditation, this time guided by Sita Kleinert, is dedicated to the power of love. As it unfolds we experience, that love opens up new inner and outer spaces for us, in which we can recognize and live ourselves joyfully and free of concerns. It is within this natural free state of being, in which we find the power to live our lives as joyful expression of who we really are. In all the relationships that matter in our lives, but especially the relationship between parents and children, emotions and feelings play an important role. When we can deeply love our own feelings for what they are and allow them to take part in the daily love-flow, they serve us to live a happy fulfilled life.

Since many years Sita Kleinert accompanies people to find fulfillment and leadership for their lives within the abundance of their own love. She teaches people to live lives nourished and powered by love, in which all human aspects are not only seen and given permission to be, but in which these aspects, embedded in loving unity, even benefit and support the individuals to live their destinies, the most inner calling of their soul and to also allow others to do the same. Only within love can everything find its righteous place. We wish you lots of joy with this meditation and are looking forward to meditate with you!

Lots of love, your healer-network

The next healing meditation will take place on Sunday 11th October from 8.30pm to 8.45pm, Central European Time.

Healing meditation “Immersing ourselves in the community of the Essene”

SumaraDear friends,

today we are inviting you again to meditate with us in the worldwide love network, coming Sunday. This time Sumara Creuzberg, Essene master und Spiritual teacher, will open up a space for us during her guided healing meditation in which we can immerse ourselves in the healing contact and encounter with the Essene and the Christ light. During the meditation Sumara will sing an ancient and holy mantra, which reminds us again of how it is to be connected and nurtured in a community of love, carried by the Christ light. In this love we will once again be able to expand and be our true self.

Sumara Creuzberg lives and works in Bonn, Germany, where she is leading the Bhakti Love Light Centre. Since many years she accompanies people with her work on their path to find themselves. It’s a matter close to Sumara’s heart, to help people to give room to their unconditional love in their lives and to experience a new closeness to the Christ light, in order to recognise their own qualities in a new light and to live them in their lives.

Thank you very much for this meditation Sumara and we wish everyone a touching encounter with the loving energy of the Essene.

Lots of love, your healernetwork

The next healing meditation will take place on Sunday 13th September from 8.30pm to 8.45pm, Central European Time.

Healing meditation “Tune into your heaven”

HimariIn our everyday life we sometimes find ourselves in situations in which we are so challenged that we are barely in contact with our heaven. So tied by all the thoughts and conceptions of what we have to achieve and fulfil here in our life, we tense up and are thinking very small, limited even constricted. The possibility for heavenly miracles and a joyful flow seems very far away. In those times we would just love for someone to take us by the hand and tell us exactly what we have to do.

And yet, often all that is needed is a moment in which we recognize how everything really is. It is the divine energy, the love and joy, which generates all life and all miracles! Not the other way around.

Therefore toss all conceptions of everything you have to be or do over board. Within your joy and the connection to your heaven lies the true power for miracles in your life.
I invite you today to tune into your heaven in this sound-meditation and to experience the vast love which is always there for you. I invite you to let this abundance and love stream into you and allow yourselves these plentiful gifts from your heaven!

With love, Himari

The common monthly healing meditation “tune into your heaven” this time guided by Himari takes place on Sunday the 9th August 2015, from 20.30 to 20.45.

Healing meditation “Experience healing in the white-pink lotus source of the Divine Mother”


In this healing meditation you are invited to experience the white-pink lotus light of the Divine Mother. This pure energy supports you in letting go. You can experience yourself carried by unconditional love.

The common monthly healing meditation “unity of heaven and earth” this time guided by Deborah takes place on Sunday the 12th July 2015, from 20.30 to 20.45.

Healing meditation “unity of heaven and earth”


Hi, this is MaRa. I am happy and excited to guide you to my new home in Santa Fe,  New Mexico. Specifically to Agni’s Sacred Land. Here the golden age unfolds its roots and we can experience heaven and earth with easiness and simplicity like never before. I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

Love MaRa



The common monthly healing meditation “unity of heaven and earth” this time guided by MaRa takes place on Sunday the 14th June 2015, from 20.30 to 20.45.

Healing meditation “The diversity of healing methods”

Fe San neu 2013 - copieDifferent healing methods from various healing realms, times and cultures come together in the Healer Network. Together they create a net of light and healing, which touches all levels within us. They form a new healing room within us, which wants to be made visible by ourselves.

In this meditation we open up to the diversity of healing methods (even though I only mention a few of the methods during the meditation, all the others are equally present). We let ourselves be inspired by the healing impulses, which want to come to us and feel, how they create a healing room within ourselves.

Wishing you lots of joy with the meditation!

Fe San

The common monthly healing meditation “The diversity of healing methods” this time guided by Fe San takes place on Sunday the 10th may 2015, from 20.30 to 20.45.

Healing meditation “Dive into the network of love and healing”

The healer network

Fotolia_59880261_S-280x280The most beautiful common meditations for me are always the meditations of the healer network, taking place once a month. I never feel more connected to you all, never loved more profoundly and am rarely more expanded than during these meditations.

Today I, Insha, have the pleasure to lead this healing meditation. As a healing priestess I open for you the gates to the temple of healing. The light of the temple has expanded tremendously in the last months.

It is flooded by the light of the 12 healing sources of the Divine Mother. This light now flows into the healer network. It carries you; it flows through you, loves you. It brings unity in love with everyone in this network.

Within this unity we turn our gaze to the earth and its inhabitants. We spread our love into every living creature, into every existing consciousness. We perceive that we are nourished by the heavens and connect heaven and earth in a net of love for everyone.

Insha-FBThe blissful light of Jupiter, which is very active at the moment, streams into the net, into our life and opens doors, which seemed locked for a long time. New things can happen. Our longing can fulfil itself now.

Connected to all there is, one with everything, we refuel on healing and love and spread healing and love.

I would love it, if you would recommend our healer network to others.

Your Insha

The common monthly healing meditation “Dive into the network of love an healing” this time guided by Insha takes place on Sunday the 12th April 2015, from 20.30 to 20.45.

Healing meditation to the “source of inspiration”


Healing meditation to the “source of inspiration” with Irka Schmuck

Irka 2Well, where are you heading for? How do you get yourself to that point, where others can see and recognize you and your qualities? Everything is at a standstill. You are running around in circles. You have already tried so much and nothing falls on fertile ground?

Maybe it’s because your expression doesn’t fully match your inner most flow yet.

“It is what sets our hearts on fire, which reveals to us our true nature. Our expression of this inner fire allows and opens others a space to recognise and live themselves”, says Irka Schmuck. She is the founder and leader of her spiritually aligned text- and coaching atelier in Freiburg, GE.

In her 3-day seminar “Writing is love” I was recently able to experience what this means and what makes Irka’s work so special.

Healing through conversation with oneself

Every single seminar day was an adventure for me to reach myself.
Maybe you are now thinking “so what?”.

In my case, the reason for this lies in my history. By the way – Irka Schmuck also calls her work Story-healing (the healing of your history).

Schreiben ist LiebeI am already walking my spiritual path for many years now and am self-employed in this field. However, I found myself entangled in dusty spiritual wisdoms, which hadn’t originated from my inner source for a long time. Many things didn’t flow like they used to at the beginning. I got stuck in a rut. I’d say: A mix-up of new ideas and sticky old shibboleths. And within this mess, I was no longer able to feel or hear, what actually IS. For a long time I went round in circles. Writing these blog articles for the Healer network has opened up the pathway for me to take part in Irka’s seminar “Writing is love”. In my case it was the missing puzzle piece to the previous coaching impulses received by Nohila Driever, Frankfurt and Sita Ma Kleinert, at lake Constance.

The title of the seminar “Writing is love” didn’t make me fully aware, which power these three days would behold. And still it expresses it all. Because love unites all the different aspects which these three seminar days are all about.

The power of one’s own love-flow becomes visible

The coaching is directed towards the self-realisation within one’s own love-flow. The neutral external assessment of the other group members and the spiritual leadership by Irka helped me to find my inner home again. Bathed in the fire of love I got my courage back and above all the clarity of “What is”. I was finally on fire for my own fire again. “Writing is love” brought back my enthusiasm. My love. My expression.

This work was a kind of healing therapy for me. It was so easy for me to dive into it, as creativity and inspiration were continuously streaming in during the seminar. This lovingly and very clearly re-opened the gate to my own creativity and creation. It prepared my new ground and path on which I can continue to walk now.

Dear Irka, I thank you wholeheartedly.

The common monthly healing meditation to the “Source of inspiration” this time guided by Irka takes place on Sunday the 8th March 2015, from 20.30 to 20.45.

Let yourself be inspired too!

Healing meditation to the “source of inspiration”

Healing meditation “Finding the power of your own expression in the fires of plants.”

Manora 4Plant fires – Mirror of your soul

“The sources of the plant fires are power fires, in which it is very easy to fall into deep relaxation. The light on this healing level is very nourishing and mirrors very detailed the essence and origin of each being”

Plant fires – healing fires

To benefit from its healing power you can either physically light this type of fire or dive into it on an energetic level. The fire is accompanied by different nature beings and elementals, by angels, devas, guardians and the divine mother. The plant fire automatically establishes contact to these subtle worlds within us and around us. Through this connection it becomes easy to be in inner communication with these worlds of light. The fire can also be used for healing. This conscious way of plant communication creates a new level of healing with plants. Individual initiations also enable us to act as a healing companion for others. The energy of the plant fires can be applied in all areas of life.

Plant fire – awakens your inner knowledge

Feuer“In these current times the plant fire calls all its companions like masters, guardians, angels, priests and sages to its side.” says the fire. To say it differently: “If reading this text, tickles your memory in any way, you probably should revive this healing method within your spirit, your soul and your expression. It is of no importance, what your worldly tasks are at the moment.”

Plant fire – clears your path

You would like to find yourself again in this power as well, to unfold it and learn to accompany others with it? Then let us reveal the inherent plant- and healing qualities together.

In spring/summer of 2015 I am planning to offer events of initiation into the world of plant fires and their potential application. If you feel attracted by the content of this blog and the energy of the meditation, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

You can find me on Facebook or via email

The Plant fire says “I love you”.

Whole heartedly.

Manora Gerber, “thee, who extracts light from plants”.

The monthly healing meditation, this time guided by me, takes place on Sunday the 8th of February from 8.30 to 8.45pm.

Healing meditation “Finding the power of your own expression in the fires of plants.”