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Healing meditation “Forgiving ourselves as a key to healing”

Hello dear friends,

Gandara-auf-sacred-landwe are happy to invite you again today to our monthly common healing meditation this coming Sunday 8th November! In this healing meditation Gandara Bier will guide us into the inner contact with the Divine Mother Mary. Touched by her love and kindness, a healing space opens up for us, in which we can allow ourselves to look at ourselves through loving eyes again and to forgive ourselves our burdens. We are able to perceive, that all we ever did, even the deeds that seemed furthest away from the light, carried the longing for love within them. We have never left the love of the Divine Mother. Her light is inviting us to give ourselves unconditionally to love, and to receive healing.

12205102_10153231838987263_539574683_nGandara Bier, a professional healing practitioner and spiritual teacher, has experienced the power of love herself through a life threatening illness. After every medical treatment failed, the deep and old connection to the Divine Mother awoke, which stems from the time she was a student of Mary herself. It was like an awakening, in which she realised that the key to her healing was and is to forgive and love herself unconditionally. Through the decision to dedicate her life to love and healing, Gandara once again recovered miraculously.

Since this time Gandara devotionally works with the healing light of Maria, to remind people again at the love within, which is able to activate all life-affirming powers.

You are warmly invited to immerse yourself into this healing space and experience the miracle of self-forgiveness.

Dear Gandara, thank you very much for this meditation!

Lots of love, your healer-network

This upcoming meditation will take place on Sunday 8th November from 8.30pm to 8.45pm, Central European Time.

Healing meditation “The diversity of healing methods”

Fe San neu 2013 - copieDifferent healing methods from various healing realms, times and cultures come together in the Healer Network. Together they create a net of light and healing, which touches all levels within us. They form a new healing room within us, which wants to be made visible by ourselves.

In this meditation we open up to the diversity of healing methods (even though I only mention a few of the methods during the meditation, all the others are equally present). We let ourselves be inspired by the healing impulses, which want to come to us and feel, how they create a healing room within ourselves.

Wishing you lots of joy with the meditation!

Fe San

The common monthly healing meditation “The diversity of healing methods” this time guided by Fe San takes place on Sunday the 10th may 2015, from 20.30 to 20.45.

The healing moment of the NOW

The healing moment of the NOW

Hello my dear friends!Himari
A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to blog for the Healer Network.
“Oh yes!” I heard my heard singing.
Yet, not even a second later, an insecurity arose within me:
“Sure that’s grrreat, but what exactly will I write about?”
When I listened to an answer within me, I knew I could only write about what sets my own heart on fire, and this is the beauty I see in the hearts of all my healer colleagues.

However, I still found myself wanting to pre-arrange what to write about exactly. Some nights after having gone to bed I was lying awake writing blogs for you in my mind.
Until I realised one “little” important detail. 😉


Life is not pre-written, nor is healing a defined technique

LoslassenTrue beauty cannot be programmed either.
It happens and unfolds it’s magic as we open up to what is right now, right here.
As our “mental hands” start to loosen their tight grip, letting go of the ideas and expectations of what should and shouldn’t be, we begin to surrender unconditionally to this very moment as it is and open up to healing and to love.

The energy within us and around us starts shifting. The tension we have felt until a moment ago eases and the space becomes light, free and wide.


A holy space opens up

Heilende HändeAll of the sudden we feel, that there are no requirements to receive healing. It’s starts to dawn on us, that we are truly enough. And that this is exactly what unconditional love and healing is about. That we are allowed to receive love, healing and blessings, and yes that we are allowed to BE love, health and happiness ourselves.
With this opening up to what is in this very moment, we experience the first step of healing and a yearning awakens within us to wholeheartedly love and respect ourselves in each moment of our lives.

And this is the essence and the gift my healer colleagues all carry in their heart. The gift they share with the world through their healing work is to always lovingly remind us of our unconditional permission to honour and respect ourselves, to love and be happy and to share our own gifts with the world.
In moments we have forgotten how to love ourselves, they offer us their love, their healing words and gentle healing touch, until we hear our own heart singing again: “Oh YES!” ♥ ♥ ♥

Healing meditation “Finding the power of your own expression in the fires of plants.”

Manora 4Plant fires – Mirror of your soul

“The sources of the plant fires are power fires, in which it is very easy to fall into deep relaxation. The light on this healing level is very nourishing and mirrors very detailed the essence and origin of each being”

Plant fires – healing fires

To benefit from its healing power you can either physically light this type of fire or dive into it on an energetic level. The fire is accompanied by different nature beings and elementals, by angels, devas, guardians and the divine mother. The plant fire automatically establishes contact to these subtle worlds within us and around us. Through this connection it becomes easy to be in inner communication with these worlds of light. The fire can also be used for healing. This conscious way of plant communication creates a new level of healing with plants. Individual initiations also enable us to act as a healing companion for others. The energy of the plant fires can be applied in all areas of life.

Plant fire – awakens your inner knowledge

Feuer“In these current times the plant fire calls all its companions like masters, guardians, angels, priests and sages to its side.” says the fire. To say it differently: “If reading this text, tickles your memory in any way, you probably should revive this healing method within your spirit, your soul and your expression. It is of no importance, what your worldly tasks are at the moment.”

Plant fire – clears your path

You would like to find yourself again in this power as well, to unfold it and learn to accompany others with it? Then let us reveal the inherent plant- and healing qualities together.

In spring/summer of 2015 I am planning to offer events of initiation into the world of plant fires and their potential application. If you feel attracted by the content of this blog and the energy of the meditation, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

You can find me on Facebook or via email

The Plant fire says “I love you”.

Whole heartedly.

Manora Gerber, “thee, who extracts light from plants”.

The monthly healing meditation, this time guided by me, takes place on Sunday the 8th of February from 8.30 to 8.45pm.

Healing meditation “Finding the power of your own expression in the fires of plants.”


Healing meditation: “Healing journey to your origin”

Dear Manora, a miracle has happened!

Shori neu..writes the healer and Dipl. Psychologist Shori Pircher in an email to me from Bangalore in India. The native South Tyrolean has opened a Light- and Healing centre there more than a year ago. She has travelled to Bangalore for many years to prepare the life and work at this place for herself. It is her personal power place. At this place she gives birth to her own knowledge.

„The Sacred Soul Salts“ of Shori are …

Salz Mandala A…personalized healing salts especially aligned by the healer herself.

Sacred Soul Salts remind us of our individual soul vibration, which is untouched by all the incarnation experiences. They remind us of our very own power of creation and help to pave the way to these qualities. They bring creation structures back into a flow and regenerate the natural flow of unshakable love, freedom, peace and power over oneself. It’s a very valuable contribution by Shori, which serves the individual as much as the earth and the universal worlds beyond. Love is recognised everywhere and creates the New.

“Your original vibration is indestructible”

Shori herself experiences this “new” way of “working” at her place in Bangalore and writes:

I recently went to Srirampuram, the poor quarter which Agni encircled on the city map for me. Up to now I had rarely been there –people had warned me that it would be dangerous for me there, and I hadn’t gathered the courage to just go. Most probably other things were important to deal with first – like healing myself.

Recently, I suddenly had the impulse to go there. And so I strolled through a few streets in the area and let myself be guided. Eventually I felt drawn to walk into a side street with tiny little shops. In a minuscule shop I bought a tacky piece of braid and got talking to the owner of the shop and her sister-in-law – more with hands and feet, than words :-).

DSC04023I gave a treatment to the sister-in-law because she had a headache and more and more people gathered. Indra, the shop owner invited me to her apartment on the first floor and served me some delicious chai. Then the news spread like wildfire in the big building that a lady”Dr. Psychologist” was here and I couldn’t ward off the many requests of at least 5 families to visit them. I treated several people, drank chai and gave consultations. I had to promise that I would come back the next day. Since then I have been there several times, energised healing salts, gave consultations, initiated(taught)three men (into) the heart meditation and did energy Feng Shui twice. And the requests for help don’t cease …

It is just fantastic! Each time I had completely forgotten the time, I was submerged in deep, infinite bliss, which I normally don’t experience over here! I feel so at One with the people there – I can hardly find words for it. They have opened their doors and hearts to me. I am at home. Here is the heart chakra of my power place. Here the golden beam of creation has connected with the earth.”

Incidentally, the knowledge of the „Sacred Soul Salts“ was released after a profound city healing work during which the golden beam of creation connected with the earth at the heart chakra of Bangalore – precisely this poor district Srirampuram.

Fancy your own healing journey to your origin?

On Sunday 14th December 2014, the monthly healing meditation takes place from 20.30 to 20.45 this time guided by Shori Pircher.

On Sunday 14th December 2014, the monthly healing meditation takes place from 20.30 to 20.45 (this time) guided by Shori Pircher.

You can contact Shori via Facebook (Shori Pircher, Shori’s Bhakti Love Centre, Heilung der Seele – Rückkehr zur Vollständigkeit) and via Skype or email .

Thank you Shori for your healing creation-presence.



Healing Meditation „Healing journey to your origin“

Yes, we are seeing a healer!

A family tells of their experiences with energy and healing work:



“When we are through with conventional medicine, really our appointments with the healer only begin.”

What has caused you to see a healer?

Mauro (father): At that time I went along to a meditation for the first time. I felt something there, that I had never felt like this before. Since then my every day life runs a lot easier.
Miriam (mother): Since the first individual treatment I received, in which we did a regression, I’m no longer afraid of death. Since the moment of being so embraced by this light, I knew that there will be more to come. I believed in reincarnation before, but not on such a deep level.

How do those surrounding you react to the fact that you go to a healer?

Mauro: This can vary quite a bit. To some this means nothing, they say it’s all mumbo jumbo, others are interested, like for example my mum, she just comes along.

You have always been actively involved in the church as volunteers. How does this fit together for you?

Miriam: It fits perfectly. I would say, that our faith has grown through the healing work. For example we have experienced, that there are many spiritual helpers, that can support us with their qualities in finding solutions to problems. Our thinking is no longer restricted to one religion. From everything we draw out what benefits us: love. During meditation we are assisted by the spiritual helper, who can lead us to the solution of a problem. This is very often Jesus, but it could also be the Divine Mother or a different spiritual helper. This fits very well for us.
Mauro: Growth is the fitting word. Our kids already grow up with this open mindedness and a lot of things are a whole lot easier because of it.

Have you learned to act as healers yourselves?

Mauro: Yes, our handicapped daughter for example.
Melina (Tochter): For example when I have a head ache I meditate and use my light sword.
Miriam: This would be a great question for our son Marcus. He is 6 years old and as he has naturally grown up with it, he is doing it pretty well. For example when he hurts himself, he pulls out the blocked energy from the hurt area and very often he is pain free immediately afterwards and gets no bruises. I myself have learnt to also to receive information and act as a healer for others. I am letting myself be guided by the spiritual world and do as I am told from there. When the condition of the treated person has improved I assume that this type of energy work has fulfilled its purpose.

Was the seminar “The Path into Light” a significant turning point to offer yourself as a healer?

Miriam: I have already offered healing treatments before the seminar. Through the seminar “The Path into Light” however I received a greater “toolbox”. This has given me more clarity and security in the communication with the spiritual world and in offering myself as a healer. It has become a lot easier for me. Through this I have learnt so much about why our family constellation is the way it is. I have understood the purpose of our joint task. I have never questioned it since. It’s beautiful the way it is and we are proud, that we can live a great life without limitations.

Also because of your daughters handicap you have to deal with a lot of visits to the doctors and sometimes also stays at the hospital. At the same time you always are integrating a healer from the healer network in the treatments. At what times do you also go to a healer besides your own healing work?

Mauro: When we are through with the conventional medicine, really our appointments with the healer only begin, or as a prevention and good preparation before a typical medical treatment.
Melina: Yes exactly. After a stay at the hospital everything feels a little bit heavy for me. However after a visit to the healer I feel lighter again.
Miriam: You don’t always have a whole first-aid-kit with you. However healing energy is always at hand. Especially children hurt themselves suddenly and unexpectedly. We always do the first aid treatment ourselves. One time our daughter fell down the stairs really badly and hit her face on the railings. Our doctor predicted a strong swelling and colourful bruises in her face. Afterwards we gave her an intense healing treatment. Two days later the doctor wanted to look at our daughter again and he had no explanation as to why her face had no swelling nor that it wasn’t black and blue. We told him about the healing treatment. He is very open and said that this could be the only reasonable explanation for this fast recovery.

How do your children generally deal with being a healer?

Mauro (smiles): Our son for example has grown up with this so naturally, that for him there is no other truth. He is lactose intolerant. When he goes to visit his grandma for example and he’d like to eat a yogurt which isn’t lactose free, then he goes: “Grandma, I’m just gonna take out quickly what isn’t good for me” and then he eats the yogurt without any side effects.
Melina (laughs): Yes, and grandma just looks on with her mouth wide open and doesn’t know what to say.
Miriam: He doesn’t distinguish between the worldly and the spiritual. It is all a part of life for him and therefore he deals with it naturally and expresses it accordingly.

Do you have a tip for people, who might be afraid or uneasy to go to a healer?

Mauro: Back in the days for me it was the opportunity to join a meditation with no strings attached.
Miriam: Every change is a new chance. What a pity that people often only resort to these simple and old practices, once they feel really bad.
Many people for example never go to church and when they become very ill they start to pray. I think it’s the same way with healing work. Only when conventional medicine has nothing more to offer, people consider going to a healer.
Why would I accept all the side effects, before resorting to something without them? I would say, nothing bad can ever happen with a healer. I think the worst that can happen, is that nothing happens.

Manora Gerber HeilerinA little more than 12 years ago, it became clear that my friend would give birth to a handicapped child. At the age of 26, both parents decided in favour of keeping the child. Both parents are from a middle class rural area and very close to the catholic church. It was their faith and open heartedness to new healing approaches which paved the way to accept the challenge of this new task and welcome it.
Thank you very much for this open conversation. (On the family’s request the names were changed.) Manora

Healing releases happy hormones

Children heal with joyful ease

Heilerin Manora mit TochterToday my daughter who is almost 3 years old, made a special moment come to life for me again. We were on our way back home from a picnic in nature and visiting our neighbour’s sheep. She was tired and wanted to fall asleep in her buggy. That’s when she suddenly said

“Mummy, shall we heal the earth first?”

Right away she jumps out of her buggy onto the grass, just moments earlier she was almost asleep, now she lays her hand on the earth:

“Mummy, sit down as well, it’s going to do you and the earth some good.”

I sit down and do the same as her. I let myself be guided by her and cherish this moment. It feels like only 2 seconds and she is finished. I need a little more time. Her act touches me. And the earth and me. I’m suddenly feeling myself differently. I become still for a moment, reflecting, at peace. A simple thing – a big effect. She is finished and quickly picks me some white wild flowers. “Mummy, now you have to pick me some flowers too, then we are finished.” I follow her and pick her some colourful wild flowers. We exchange the flowers and my heart is filled with the greatest thanks of the earth. This feeling, for me, describes a blissful moment of healing.
My eyes shine differently than just a few minutes before. The earth is flowing. A little breeze. A ray of sun which suddenly breaks through the clouds and shines on us and everything is good. A bird which keeps us company. A synergy of infinity.

I am a healer

Heilerin Manora Baum-NaturAnd I remember my “being-a-healer” again. An inner smile spreads out within me. Experiences and encounters with people, animals and plants want to be recognised, seen and opened again as well as the accompaniment and guidance for those wanting to become such a healer. Healing is natural from an early age, because we were and are born from this purity.
It’s almost indescribable in words, yet I want to share it with the world and pass it on. I am filled with a certainty that life creates, constantly and without ever ceasing – in every second you and the world are able to be filled with bliss again. Also here on earth. Thank you.

Manora Gerber

Chagan – Fire shaman and team leader

familie_quindel-Shiva's Loving LightIn a little enchanted house in Gilching, west of Munich, lives Chagan Quindel with his family.

That is also where they have their centre. A centre for meditation and holistic healing methods – Shiva’s Loving Light.

When you are there, you are flooded with a warm and loving light, like at sunrise, which fills you with the feeling of a new beginning.

This makes you brave and intrigued all at once.

“Our spiritual home is the fire – our path is love – it is our wish to awaken with you the magic in your life again. Here, everything has space, here everything is allowed to be. Come as you are! The bliss of unity – immerse yourself in the abundance of your being, feel the power of your inner fire, experience unity with everything that is. Begin to live – here and now!”

Today I am interviewing Chagan, who enriches the centre with his knowledge as Fire Shaman.

Dear Chagan, since when have you been a shaman and what has lead you to choose this path?

Chagan FeuerschamaneAm I a shaman? When I hear the word “shaman” (and I always felt this way), I think of wild, unpredictable, long-haired men in animal fur, living in and with nature on a daily basis. The word “shaman” triggers a whole lot of associations within me, which I can not at all associate with my life.

However, when I pause and cast a deeper glance, beyond the obvious, I can feel these shamanic aspects within me after all, like little seeds full of power and clarity, under layers of memories, pain and dogmas. Let me put it like this, I might not be a shaman yet, but I am in contact again with my shamanic roots, and each day I am living my shamanic side a little more.

I don’t at all have the feeling of having “taken” this path, it is rather a collection of many little decision at many little crossroads, which have led me here. In hindsight one might see this or that decision as THE ESSENTIAL one, but I think at the given time it was just one of many possible paths. And by opening up to my life, I find the correct – my – path. And this, I feel it through the blazing fire in my heart – is the path of the fire shamans.

How would you describe your work?

I love working with rituals most, which I prepare individually for the client. Rituals are wonderful “graspable” energies, which the clients can perceive well, embrace and integrate into their everyday life. Being a fire shaman, besides the shaman drum, the fire, symbol of purity, power and devotion, also plays a big part. Rituals can be ceremonious and truly “holy”, sometimes however, they are very practical and down to earth, depending on who is in front of me and what issue wants to be addressed.

This actually is what I like most about being a shaman – just to create out of the moment, from whatever there is. Without techniques or learning by heart, but rather through devotion to the fire, accepting and giving myself 100percent to what I perceive as the right thing.

What is your philosophy?

All is one. Don’t try to divide your spiritual life from your worldly life. You are who you are, everywhere, and this is good.

What else do you do beside this wonderful work?

QuindelI am team leader of a sales team in a big German car hire company. My staff members challenge me each day to learn how to stay connected with my inner alignment and to face my life task. I’m very grateful to them for this … even if sometimes this can be quite exhausting.

By the way, I owe this leading position to the fire shaman training, because only through the intense engagement with my powers and my potential to lead , was I brave enough to actively go after the vacant position as a team leader, instead of waiting to be “discovered”.

What is your biggest wish – your vision?

I actually don’t have a big wish, no world spanning vision. When I ask myself, what would be the best thing that could happen to me, it would be: simply BEING.

And yes, maybe that’s my wish, my vision of a better world: That all of us simply are, instead to constantly do.

Our current time is quite turbulent. Something is shifting and changing in all of us. Do you have an impulse or tip for us to take along?


Forget planning. These times are over.

Open up to what is and look forward to life’s coincidences.

Thank you very much for writing these lines to us.

I wish you and your family a vibrant and fulfilling year.


Ura“Connecting the heavens and the earth,
the spiritual with the terrestrial,
love with light.”