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The healing moment of the NOW

The healing moment of the NOW

Hello my dear friends!Himari
A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to blog for the Healer Network.
“Oh yes!” I heard my heard singing.
Yet, not even a second later, an insecurity arose within me:
“Sure that’s grrreat, but what exactly will I write about?”
When I listened to an answer within me, I knew I could only write about what sets my own heart on fire, and this is the beauty I see in the hearts of all my healer colleagues.

However, I still found myself wanting to pre-arrange what to write about exactly. Some nights after having gone to bed I was lying awake writing blogs for you in my mind.
Until I realised one “little” important detail. 😉


Life is not pre-written, nor is healing a defined technique

LoslassenTrue beauty cannot be programmed either.
It happens and unfolds it’s magic as we open up to what is right now, right here.
As our “mental hands” start to loosen their tight grip, letting go of the ideas and expectations of what should and shouldn’t be, we begin to surrender unconditionally to this very moment as it is and open up to healing and to love.

The energy within us and around us starts shifting. The tension we have felt until a moment ago eases and the space becomes light, free and wide.


A holy space opens up

Heilende HändeAll of the sudden we feel, that there are no requirements to receive healing. It’s starts to dawn on us, that we are truly enough. And that this is exactly what unconditional love and healing is about. That we are allowed to receive love, healing and blessings, and yes that we are allowed to BE love, health and happiness ourselves.
With this opening up to what is in this very moment, we experience the first step of healing and a yearning awakens within us to wholeheartedly love and respect ourselves in each moment of our lives.

And this is the essence and the gift my healer colleagues all carry in their heart. The gift they share with the world through their healing work is to always lovingly remind us of our unconditional permission to honour and respect ourselves, to love and be happy and to share our own gifts with the world.
In moments we have forgotten how to love ourselves, they offer us their love, their healing words and gentle healing touch, until we hear our own heart singing again: “Oh YES!” ♥ ♥ ♥

Healer – A calling becomes a profession

Healing in the “name of science” or in the “name of God”?

Heilen-Hände-InshaHealers are present in many cultures in many different expressions and manifestations.
The healer profession looks back on an age old cross-cultural and inter-religious development.

The cultural environment of the “Western world” deals with “spiritual healing” in varied ways.

A very interesting case hereto became public in the late 1920s in Southern Germany with the “Lahrer Clairvoyant Lawsuit”:


“Clairvoyants and healers – or just crooks?”

Badische Zeitung, 1st October 2014.
SeilerIn 1927 two healer brothers stood trial in the so-called “Lahrer clairvoyant Lawsuit”, because a lady suffering from a kidney disease had let herself be treated from a distance and sued because of “fraud”.

16 cases of clairvoyant ailment diagnosis were testified under oath during the course of this case. The controversial lawsuit was passed on to the Higher Regional Court, which didn’t pass a verdict.

The lawsuit was closed.


In the field of “spiritual healing” science has a great potential for development and especially a great need for “catching up”. Western universities are slowly starting to include the professional fields of spiritual healing into their research programmes. For example, for a few years now the University Clinic of Freiburg is studying the effects of meditation and is conducting complementary medical evaluation research. Sound science is characterized by openness and transparency – a heartfelt thank you for those initiatives!

The legal situation in Germany is “open” to interpretation. Healers hardly have any legal certainty – although they are able to call themselves healers since the Federal Constitutional Court verdict in 2004, they continue to work in a legal grey area, in which courts decide on an individual basis, on what is “legal”:

“Kinesiology: Advertisement must point out scientific doubts”

Deutsches Ärzteblatt, edition no. 38, 19.09.2014
Hand about to bang gavel on sounding block“In the case of someone advertising with unproven effects of a controversial treatment method and not mentioning the opposing view in the advertisement, it is regarded as a misleading advertisement of medications.

This was decided by a Higher Regional Court, which sentenced a kinesiology therapist on the grounds of his statement on the internet: ““…would in gentle ways activate the self healing powers…“.

Independent to the socio-political circumstances, the profession as a healer was always practised (“wart curer”, “herbalist”,…) Healers live their calling!

In 2013 a quantum leap was achieved in Italy: A state law, which legalises all “free professions”, which aren’t organised by the chamber system (doctors, lawyers, etc.). This means, that every citizen is allowed to develop and practice a profession as an occupation, as long as the legal parameters are complied with. This is a democratic fundamental right, which has found a real expression through the state law. A very insightful video thereto can be found on Youtube in Italian: Convegno Olis Festival 10.2.2013 – Le Discipline Bio Naturali: La grande svolta. In this area Italy is more advanced than Germany – remarkable!

Now, who works “scientifically”: the doctor, the healer, or the mother who feels intuitively what is the best for her child,…? Which criterion counts, to be scientific? The people affected, sick people or clients are convinced by results and have one simple formula:

“He who heals is right!”

Result-orientated action corresponds also to the principle of a democratic market economy, wherein the market participants decide over supply and demand themselves.

di-bellaSuch a simple approach causes a sensation!

During the 80s and 90s the Italian professor and doctor Dr. Luigi Di Bella vehemently campaigned for the free choice of treatments. Dr. Luigi Di Bella conceded his patients self-competence and self-responsibility and offered them the possibility to decide to which healing method they wanted to entrust themselves. Because: Everyone has to recognise for himself what feels good and which healing path is the right one for him! Dr. Luigi Di Bella was highly debated due to his “unconventional approach”. (Which is the same reason he is loved by so many!)

EU-Guideline “European Qualifications Framework -EQF”

EU VerwaltungThe European Union takes into account the new developments of our society and supports approaches, in which “callings become professions”. Within the guideline “European Qualifications Framework -EQF”, the different types of professionalism are arranged according to an eight step grid, to support and simplify mobility within the EU.

In simple words this means: If I have been able to earn a living through my “healing work” in one European country, I must also be able to do the same in every other European country.

Free exercise of profession is a fundamental right, as long as the legal parameters (business registration, tax law,…) and specific areas of competences are complied with. This means, a profession does not need to be approved by the authorities, in order for its practice to be legal!

At present, the practice of the healer profession is still handled very inconsistently throughout the individual EU states and it will probably still take a few years until the EU guideline is implemented in a conclusive manner.

This EU guideline is a great chance to allow healers to work in legal certainty throughout the EU in the future.

The different healing methods like conventional medicine, natural medicine and spiritual healing (“energy medicine”) are all welcome in a holistic health policy. Well-being and health have priority – in the “name of science” and in the “name of God”!


The open and respectful collaboration between the different professional fields will lead to a great leap in quality over the next years.

I am wishing you lots of joy in your healing work!

(Executive board member of the Healer Network)


Suggestion-Legal adviser: In recent years we had good experiences with Dr. Annette Oberhauser’s solicitor’s office (Nuremberg), who specialised in the field of health legislation.


Healing meditation to the “source of inspiration”


Healing meditation to the “source of inspiration” with Irka Schmuck

Irka 2Well, where are you heading for? How do you get yourself to that point, where others can see and recognize you and your qualities? Everything is at a standstill. You are running around in circles. You have already tried so much and nothing falls on fertile ground?

Maybe it’s because your expression doesn’t fully match your inner most flow yet.

“It is what sets our hearts on fire, which reveals to us our true nature. Our expression of this inner fire allows and opens others a space to recognise and live themselves”, says Irka Schmuck. She is the founder and leader of her spiritually aligned text- and coaching atelier in Freiburg, GE.

In her 3-day seminar “Writing is love” I was recently able to experience what this means and what makes Irka’s work so special.

Healing through conversation with oneself

Every single seminar day was an adventure for me to reach myself.
Maybe you are now thinking “so what?”.

In my case, the reason for this lies in my history. By the way – Irka Schmuck also calls her work Story-healing (the healing of your history).

Schreiben ist LiebeI am already walking my spiritual path for many years now and am self-employed in this field. However, I found myself entangled in dusty spiritual wisdoms, which hadn’t originated from my inner source for a long time. Many things didn’t flow like they used to at the beginning. I got stuck in a rut. I’d say: A mix-up of new ideas and sticky old shibboleths. And within this mess, I was no longer able to feel or hear, what actually IS. For a long time I went round in circles. Writing these blog articles for the Healer network has opened up the pathway for me to take part in Irka’s seminar “Writing is love”. In my case it was the missing puzzle piece to the previous coaching impulses received by Nohila Driever, Frankfurt and Sita Ma Kleinert, at lake Constance.

The title of the seminar “Writing is love” didn’t make me fully aware, which power these three days would behold. And still it expresses it all. Because love unites all the different aspects which these three seminar days are all about.

The power of one’s own love-flow becomes visible

The coaching is directed towards the self-realisation within one’s own love-flow. The neutral external assessment of the other group members and the spiritual leadership by Irka helped me to find my inner home again. Bathed in the fire of love I got my courage back and above all the clarity of “What is”. I was finally on fire for my own fire again. “Writing is love” brought back my enthusiasm. My love. My expression.

This work was a kind of healing therapy for me. It was so easy for me to dive into it, as creativity and inspiration were continuously streaming in during the seminar. This lovingly and very clearly re-opened the gate to my own creativity and creation. It prepared my new ground and path on which I can continue to walk now.

Dear Irka, I thank you wholeheartedly.

The common monthly healing meditation to the “Source of inspiration” this time guided by Irka takes place on Sunday the 8th March 2015, from 20.30 to 20.45.

Let yourself be inspired too!

Healing meditation to the “source of inspiration”

Healing meditation “Finding the power of your own expression in the fires of plants.”

Manora 4Plant fires – Mirror of your soul

“The sources of the plant fires are power fires, in which it is very easy to fall into deep relaxation. The light on this healing level is very nourishing and mirrors very detailed the essence and origin of each being”

Plant fires – healing fires

To benefit from its healing power you can either physically light this type of fire or dive into it on an energetic level. The fire is accompanied by different nature beings and elementals, by angels, devas, guardians and the divine mother. The plant fire automatically establishes contact to these subtle worlds within us and around us. Through this connection it becomes easy to be in inner communication with these worlds of light. The fire can also be used for healing. This conscious way of plant communication creates a new level of healing with plants. Individual initiations also enable us to act as a healing companion for others. The energy of the plant fires can be applied in all areas of life.

Plant fire – awakens your inner knowledge

Feuer“In these current times the plant fire calls all its companions like masters, guardians, angels, priests and sages to its side.” says the fire. To say it differently: “If reading this text, tickles your memory in any way, you probably should revive this healing method within your spirit, your soul and your expression. It is of no importance, what your worldly tasks are at the moment.”

Plant fire – clears your path

You would like to find yourself again in this power as well, to unfold it and learn to accompany others with it? Then let us reveal the inherent plant- and healing qualities together.

In spring/summer of 2015 I am planning to offer events of initiation into the world of plant fires and their potential application. If you feel attracted by the content of this blog and the energy of the meditation, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

You can find me on Facebook or via email

The Plant fire says “I love you”.

Whole heartedly.

Manora Gerber, “thee, who extracts light from plants”.

The monthly healing meditation, this time guided by me, takes place on Sunday the 8th of February from 8.30 to 8.45pm.

Healing meditation “Finding the power of your own expression in the fires of plants.”


Healing meditation: “Healing journey to your origin”

Dear Manora, a miracle has happened!

Shori neu..writes the healer and Dipl. Psychologist Shori Pircher in an email to me from Bangalore in India. The native South Tyrolean has opened a Light- and Healing centre there more than a year ago. She has travelled to Bangalore for many years to prepare the life and work at this place for herself. It is her personal power place. At this place she gives birth to her own knowledge.

„The Sacred Soul Salts“ of Shori are …

Salz Mandala A…personalized healing salts especially aligned by the healer herself.

Sacred Soul Salts remind us of our individual soul vibration, which is untouched by all the incarnation experiences. They remind us of our very own power of creation and help to pave the way to these qualities. They bring creation structures back into a flow and regenerate the natural flow of unshakable love, freedom, peace and power over oneself. It’s a very valuable contribution by Shori, which serves the individual as much as the earth and the universal worlds beyond. Love is recognised everywhere and creates the New.

“Your original vibration is indestructible”

Shori herself experiences this “new” way of “working” at her place in Bangalore and writes:

I recently went to Srirampuram, the poor quarter which Agni encircled on the city map for me. Up to now I had rarely been there –people had warned me that it would be dangerous for me there, and I hadn’t gathered the courage to just go. Most probably other things were important to deal with first – like healing myself.

Recently, I suddenly had the impulse to go there. And so I strolled through a few streets in the area and let myself be guided. Eventually I felt drawn to walk into a side street with tiny little shops. In a minuscule shop I bought a tacky piece of braid and got talking to the owner of the shop and her sister-in-law – more with hands and feet, than words :-).

DSC04023I gave a treatment to the sister-in-law because she had a headache and more and more people gathered. Indra, the shop owner invited me to her apartment on the first floor and served me some delicious chai. Then the news spread like wildfire in the big building that a lady”Dr. Psychologist” was here and I couldn’t ward off the many requests of at least 5 families to visit them. I treated several people, drank chai and gave consultations. I had to promise that I would come back the next day. Since then I have been there several times, energised healing salts, gave consultations, initiated(taught)three men (into) the heart meditation and did energy Feng Shui twice. And the requests for help don’t cease …

It is just fantastic! Each time I had completely forgotten the time, I was submerged in deep, infinite bliss, which I normally don’t experience over here! I feel so at One with the people there – I can hardly find words for it. They have opened their doors and hearts to me. I am at home. Here is the heart chakra of my power place. Here the golden beam of creation has connected with the earth.”

Incidentally, the knowledge of the „Sacred Soul Salts“ was released after a profound city healing work during which the golden beam of creation connected with the earth at the heart chakra of Bangalore – precisely this poor district Srirampuram.

Fancy your own healing journey to your origin?

On Sunday 14th December 2014, the monthly healing meditation takes place from 20.30 to 20.45 this time guided by Shori Pircher.

On Sunday 14th December 2014, the monthly healing meditation takes place from 20.30 to 20.45 (this time) guided by Shori Pircher.

You can contact Shori via Facebook (Shori Pircher, Shori’s Bhakti Love Centre, Heilung der Seele – Rückkehr zur Vollständigkeit) and via Skype or email .

Thank you Shori for your healing creation-presence.



Healing Meditation „Healing journey to your origin“

The language of the heart – Inner communication with children

“Let us listen to our children with childlike openness. They have so much to tell us. They are bringing us great knowledge, bountiful gifts and divine presents. When we ask, they answer, until we have come to understand them. When we allow ourselves to be less than perfect, we are opening ourselves doors of understanding.” Sita Kleinert

Who hasn’t experienced them yet? These special moments, when we no longer understand our children, be it our own child or a child we’re looking after. Certain ways of behaviour make us and also our child livid and we just can’t find common ground. Fury, despair and helplessness then stand between us and a loving relationship.

Each child is unique and each one brings his own being, his own light Innere Kommunikation mit Kindernand qualities into this life.

There is a lot of pedagogical advice literature, certain methods and concepts designed to make our child more pleasant-natured and facile.

When you look a little closer then you notice, that nobody has yet written a book about your child and this particular situation. Every child is unique and can’t be squeezed into a desired form. These inputs from the outside push themselves between you and your child and in the long run you both won’t find peace.

We all speak the language of the heart

Each one of us has his own intuition, his gut feeling and inner voice. Due to our outside influences, be it our own expectations, the imprints/experiences of our childhood, the pressure of society, we can no longer hear our inner voice and we lose the language of the heart.

In difficult situations we act from the head and therefore we can no longer perceive and understand the fine signals our child is sending. The true origin of the problem cannot be recognized.

Being in deep contact with ourselves

Once we open ourselves again to the language of the heart, establish a deep connection with ourselves and learn once again to become completely quiet and relaxed within ourselves, we can listen again to the signals of our heart.

The encounter with our child and the previously challenging situations become free, infinite and impartial. We are able to recognize the true being, its message and its real needs.

It is similar to learning a new language. Although the language of the heart is already in us, it also is just a small trail at the beginning. The more we walk this path, communicate with our children on the heart level, the broader and clearer it becomes.

Recognizing the child’s being and quality

The 2-day seminar “Inner communication with children” by Sita Kleinert held by Kimera Stamm is truly helpful and valuable. A dedicated inner space is opened up and we become fully aware again of this communication on the heart level.
During the course of the seminar we develop a deep understanding for the being of the child. We recognize its qualities and potentials and through this vantage point are able to understand our child a lot better. On this level we reach the origin of the child’s behaviour. The children feel recognized and seen and are more balanced and joyful. With the language of the heart living together can become more harmonious altogether.

The seminar, taking place in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, is held by midwives and spiritual doula, who have completed Sita Kleinert’s training to become a spiritual doula.

You can find contact addresses in your proximity under

Innere KommunikationEspecially pregnancy and birth can be a particularly deep encounter between mother and child.

They challenge and invite us to get into contact with ourselves and life itself.

The connection from the heart level strengthens our trust in our own intuition, in the body and our own power. The unborn child also feels already recognized in its being and potentials. It is not uncommon that the child also co-decides on how, when and where it wants to be born. Both aspects are essential and can positively influence the birth for both mother and child.

Besides expecting mothers, this seminar is also very valuable for anyone who has got children by their side, both privately and professionally.

To find out more or to get in touch you are welcome visit our facebook page.

Innere Kommunikation mit Kindern

As a final word I would like to quote the paediatrician and author Remo Lago and on that note say goodbye to you.

“The best thing we can do to an individual is to allow it to manifest itself the way it is inherent in its being. This is also the very best for society, because only then the contribution made by the individual is at its greatest. Society should take great interest in everyone being able to become truly himself, as with this society benefits the most.”

Warm regards,


Für Dich!

From oblivion to remembrance – Your personal power place

During my interview with Benira Niederberger last week, Benira mentioned her personal power place: “My place supports me to unfold my own power and being. It is a place where I can manifest my Self, my life task and my visions. It is here that I can dive deeper into my true self and encounter my soul a lot clearer.”

Dein Kraftplatz!Everyone has already heard in some way or the other about power places or cult sites. Maybe you have already visited one of these special places. Many are accessible to the public, whereas others are still completely unheard of.

Your very own personal power place however shows itself to you in a way in which you “feel like being at home” and you feel a very clear “Yes!” within you.

It resounds in each and every cell of your body.

You start to float and your heart jumps with joy. Here a space opens up wich reveals to you deep knowledge about your being, your calling and your life task.

It is easiest to see the throne of God and to remember your task, your being and your Self, when you are at your power place. AGNI

Your power place is a place where you can deeply connect with Heaven and Earth. If you follow your inner calling, miracles after miracles happen. You may experience, how much you are carried, guided and protected, because there is nothing more impressive as to dedicate yourself to your own life task at your power place. Like you have your own place in heaven you also have your own place on earth.
As the name already suggests: Your power place is a place which challenges you to take on your own power and task.

Do what you have come for. It is your decision and your freedom.

Each day is new and is your responsibility. Do you accept your power and do you want to fulfil your task?

Ask yourself now: “Do I want to live MYSELF?” and go on a journey to yourself. Find your own belief, cultivate your own unique love and let your sun shine.

AGNI says:

AGNIWe forget our own light.

Life is equipped in such a way that we can fulfil our task. Sometimes along with labour pains, sometimes with difficulties. Often with fear of our own power. Fear of our own place. And fear of not accepting them.


We are all loving souls and have a common origin, a common home.

Inherent in your being

There is a path which leads you from your oblivion back home to yourself. This path is not outside of you, but within you. It is inherent in your being.

Let yourself be inspired by two women, who have walked this path and who have more than “cultivated” their power place with their hearts, their actions and deeds:

Crosis has her power place in Passau

CrosisEidenschinkFinding out about my power place was a huge gift to me.

When Agni said Passau , the energy of the word arrived in my heart like waves and I just thought: Yes of course, where else! I would have never thought of Passau myself though.

On my way to Passau first of all, within me, naturally, resistances arose. On the inside as well as on the outside. It was difficult for me to arrive and settle in Passau, however I had heavenly and earthly helpers. For one and a half years it was heaven and hell for me at the same time. Everyone has their own issues at their power place, which can be released.

…it taught me perseverance, courage, power, trust and patience.

At the beginning it almost tore me apart inside. My task in Passau is to reunite Shiva and Shakti. To heal polarity so to speak. On the inside as well as on the outside. It wasn’t easy, but it taught me perseverance, courage, power, trust and patience. I have been here for 6 years now and what I realised above all is:

Love is the greatest power!

And that only through love I am able to release the shadows of myself and of Passau. I have gained more and more trust in the Divine Mother, the Divine Father and the Divine Child. They live within me and my surroundings. A lot of healing was allowed to happen on all levels. For myself and for Passau. I’m grateful to be here and to serve.
Om Namah Shivaya. Crosis Eidenschink

Kali Ma has her power place in Nepal

…I followed the voice of my heart

Kali Ma

In 2001 I relocated to Nepal. Having given up everything in Germany, I continued to follow the voice of my heart. Because years before, during a two-month trip to Nepal and Tibet it had already told me: “Here is your place. You will travel back to Germany one more time and then you will bring something back for the people in Nepal”, back then I had no idea what was meant. I took part in the Path into Light, completed the ACC training and spiritual teacher course and shortly after I found myself sitting together with Agni at the light-centre-leader-training in Amritabha.

Never in doubt, never having given up and always in true faith that I’m supposed to be here…

At the end of the light-centre training it was clear: My power place is in Nepal. What a joy! Connected with the feeling of coming back to an old home. Never in doubt, never having given up and always in true faith that I’m supposed to be here, more and more I established light and love at this place. Even against outside resistances and after 13 years now in Dolalghat in the Kali Ashram, I have come home within myself and experience my place as paradise. Here my heaven has come to earth. In the lap of the Divine Mother one experiences his own true being and the Kali Ashram opens its door to everyone to enter their own paradise. I am happy. Having come to my power place has led me back to myself in the shortest of times. Thankfully I had only bought a one way ticket at the time. What a blessing! Thank you God. Kali Ma

You live and work already at your power place? Let us take part and describe to us how it is affecting you and how your life has changed. We’re looking forward to reading your reply, right here below this article.

I want to personally thank Agni who has tremendously inspired me with his words to write these lines.

From heart to heart


Für Dich!