Light centres of the Agni tradition

Château AmritabhaLight centres are spiritual places of love, peace and healing – places that create a connection between the spiritual world and the terrestrial life. They offer people of all faiths and convictions the possibility to reconnect with themselves and to recognise themselves with their own original qualities.
The light centres are led by people who have made the decision todedicate and serve the light and to accompany others on this path. Through meditation, chants and active light-work with people and nature, the light centre leaders create places of power and spiritual consciousness. They pass on spiritual knowledge and trainings to those, who are on the path to themselves and who are ready to embrace again their own inner knowledge in its entirety. However they are also places of self realisation and transformation. At power place like this and with the loving guidance of a light centre leader, it becomes easy to recognise and release inner blockages, causes of ailments and behavioural patterns and to enter into a new and liberated life. Furthermore most light centres undertake regular landscape/nature and city healing to stimulate a positive energy flow and to improve the life quality for the whole region.
Light centres in the tradition of Agni are led by spiritual consultants or teachers, which have gone through special training at Château Amritabha (Ribeauvillé, F) .

There is no uniform expression for these light centres. The form and the offers are based on the characteristics of the power place and the qualities of the light centre leader. There are bigger parent centres with a subordinate function and smaller centres with more regional duties. All over the globe light centres are formed and create a network of love and peace which spans around the earth. The more light centres are founded and the more they are visited the more stable this peace network becomes, until it can carry the earth during the transformation process from unknowingness and powerlessness to light-consciousness and spiritual maturity. All light centres are fully independent organisations, that are primarily financed by seminars and single sessions.

Light centres world wide