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For the coming changes our society needs new perspectives. Through being a strong association we can be the specialist contact for new ways of the health system.

Enjoy the strength of a community

The INSHA e.V. professional association was founded in 2007 by Insha . Agni placed the energy for this in Insha’s hands. The Healer Network orientates itself on Agni’s energy, the power of self realization and love. It enables healing within the “divine law of love”, which brings about a new quality of being a healer. The community of healers and their alignment on the fire of love, benefits all.

Let yourself be supported

The professional association of healers promotes “Spiritual healing” as a third pillar in the health system. When you have become a member, you can exchange views and swap ideas with other members and benefit from events for further education and the joint public relation work. Your success is important to the association.

Your offers

The Healer Network regularly publishes articles and contributions (blogs) about the work and offers of healers and different healing approaches. Everyone is looking forward to your qualities and input. Enrich the diversity of Spiritual Healing with your experiences and offers.

Making use of the calender

You can enter your timetable and events into the Healing Network’s calendar free of charge and with this make them readily available to a large audience. On request it is also possible to link your calendar entries in the Healer Network to your own web page. You can manage all events from one place, and all data is synchronized automatically through the linked web pages.

Member login – member’s seal

INSHAeV-MitgliederstempelIn the member login area you can find many documents, like flyers – templates, banners, legal information, organisation templates for the healing days etc.. available for downloading. In our office you can order the member’s seal at the cost price of 35.00€.

Become a member

Stay up-to-date

The organisation is connected with other networks and professionals. Here a lot of important information around the topic of healing flows together. Benefit from the up-to-datedness of the Network information.

Recognition of your experiences

Your qualities are welcome in the Network of healers. We are an association of healers from the most different career and spiritual backgrounds. You are able to benefit from this diversity and also give support to others.

Make yourself known

The organisation offers different ways to make yourself known: via the internet (your profile and contact data), through the healing days, where you present your work and through the general public relation work. The healer network provides banners and flyers for the execution of a healing day.

Feel and experience yourself as a healer

Within the framework of the association you are fully able to “be you”. Here you find many like-minded people, which have already walked a part of their being-a-healer-path and have made valuable experiences. This foundation makes it easier for you, to discover yourself anew.

Live your healer-calling

The desire for healing is born in the core of the heart. We understand this wish and value this calling, which is independent to worldly studies or professional origin. Healing is a gift, which arises from the heart and can be lived in this new age. The organisation works on the public acknowledgement of the healing profession.

Openness of the different healing methods

At the core of all healing stands the human being. People are diverse and need different methods and approaches to walk their path of recovery and healing. The organisation treasures the variety of healing methods and welcomes everyone to the service of mankind. “Thee who heals is right.”

Recharge in the collective healing light

The network lives of connections and the common flow. Once a month we connect in a 15 minutes healing meditation, to unfold healing light and to strengthen the network. You can recharge in this flow. Unfold your special healing abilities with the support of the network. Discover your own unique special healing abilities though exchange with the organisation. We organise meetings and offer healing days, where you can express yourself with you abilities.

Benefit from the image of an association

The healer network is a registered association in Germany, which stands for for transparency and divine lawfulness. The conjunction of many people in an organisation, gives evidence of direction and strength, which is being taken seriously. Benefit from this strength by joining as a member.

Make yourself visible – Healing days connect

Light centres and practices host healing days in conjunction with the INSHA Healer Network, at which healers from the organisation can show themselves. Be part of this too and help organise a healer day, present yourself and meet new people.

Support strengthens

The organisation grows with its members and therefore every member can give his contribution, be it through writing articles or exchanging great experiences and happenings with colleagues. The healer networks looks forward to all kinds of support and suggestions.

Become a member